Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wide Awake

The best (in my opinion) and brightest Twilight fan fiction, Wide Awake by angstgoddess003, if finally finished.

It's a master piece. I've loved every word and chapter of this epic story.

Thank you Sam for writing this amazing, wonderful, and sleep depriving story.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

See you in 2010!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Lots of stuff I haven't added my two cents on (Taytay on SNL, Rob and Emily going Vogue, etc.) and probably will be to lazy to write something up. The holidays are here which means Twi merch! I've already received the New Moon Game board and it's pretty good except for two Trivia Cards which are absolutely wrong and ridiculous and my piece only came with 6 game pieces instead of 8, but it's pretty fun and engaging.

You probably won't hear from me until January, or if Rob's secret photo shoots leaks, so until then, have a safe and happy holiday season.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Videos that rock my socks

Twilight: New Moon improv rap

Japanese interview pt.1

Japanese interview pt.2 (he wants to be a young dad, I want to help him with that)

Rough translation:
0:02 How do you like Japan?
0:56 Do you have any hobbies?
1:34 How do you want to spend your 30s?
Y/N questions:
1) You're very good at memorizing scripts
2) You are very smooth with kissing (or kiss scenes)
3) You wish that there was no such thing as paparazzi
4) You'll freak out if you lose your cell phone
5) Your rival is Zac Efron
6) You want to be/the challenge to be James Bond some day
7) The Twilight Sensation is still unbelievable for you
8) You think it's hopeless to fall in love with a co-star

More Rob from the LA red carpet (some strong fan language)

I can see my camera! Our group with in the next barricade over.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon is out... now what?

It feels like I've been waiting forever to see New Moon. Now that I have (several times), everything seems anti-climatic. I've looked at the interviews and "spoiler/leaked" footage that came out before the movie and it's like "yea, I remember that bit." Though I'm really really glad I remained spoiler free!

It feels a little early to get hyped for Eclipse. I'm still coming down from my New Moon high. I have a ton of Twi-related stuff to do but even with all that, I feel a little lost.

In no particular order, I need to:
- Save a bunch of HQ photos that are coming out (magazines, photo shoots, events...)
- There's a bunch of fan fiction chapters I need to catch up on.
- I need to re-read Eclipse now.
- Catch up on all the Twi-blogs since I went on a spoiler strike a month ago
- Make another Midnight Sun copy and/or hand bind another fan fic favorite

But I can't find the excitement/energy to do any of it.....

I might need a break from Twilight. (OMG I can't believe I just said that...)

Maybe it's like I need to feel the withdraw of Twilight before I can get in my super-fan mode. Or maybe all that camping out and staying up at night is finally catching up with me.

Or maybe not. I've downloaded a cam version to see the movie and I watch it whenever I can, usually just the Edward parts. I listen to the soundtrack and the score on repeat everywhere I go, including work. I think about Rob... a lot. Sometimes when he's Edward.

I need a Twi-pick-me-up and get re-energized! I need a Full Size Edward or a mini-E to have adventures with. haha

Update: This made my day!

Rob sleeps naked! *swoon*

Monday, November 16, 2009

LA New Moon Premier

or as I like to call it... The Best Day EVER!!

My YouTube channel for videos HERE. (Subscribe so you get e-mail alerts when I upload a new one)

- Robert Pattinson
- Kristen Stewart
- Taylor Lautner
- Ashley Green with Kellan Lutz
- The Wolf Pack (Chaske Spencer "Sam", Alex Meraz "Paul", Bronson Pelletier "Jared", and Kiowa Gordon "Embry")
- The Cullens (Elizabeth Reaser "Esme", Peter Facinelli "Carlisle", Nikki Reed "Rosalie", and Jackson Rathbone "Jasper")
- The Volturi (Michael Sheen "Aro", Jamie Campbell Bower "Caius", Christopher Heyerdahl "Marcus", Dakota Fanning "Jane", Daniel Cudmore "Felix", Charlie Bewley "Demetri", and Noot Seear "Heidi")
- The Humans (Billy Burke "Charlie", Anna Kendrick "Jessica", Michael Welch "Mike", Justin Chon "Eric", Gil Birmingham "Billy", and Tinsel Korey "Emily")
- The makers of New Moon (Stephenie Meyer "Author", Chris Weitz "Director", and Melissa Rosenberg "Screen writer")
- Other vampires (Edi Gathegi "Laurent" and Kirsten Prout "Lucy")
- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the Planet 51 premier
- Kiowa and Cameron saying hello to fans in line
- Booboo Stewart at the Planet 51 premier
- Peter Facinelli driving by but blocked by the Team Pellan sign

Watch them all:

Note: I'm seeing multiples of some pics. I can't filter them all out but good luck. I'm naming each one according to their content. Hope this helps.

Download a .zip file of my pictures here.
 Download a .zip file of the second folder of my pictures here.
Download a .zip file of Pauline's FaceBook pictures here.
NEW! Download a .zip file of Cathryn's FaceBook pictures here.
NEW! Download a .zip file of Crystal's FaceBook pictures here.

If you've uploaded your photos to a photo sharing website, send me the link and I'll create a .zip file for all of your pictures so that we all don't have to "right click, save" every picture!

Two of my TwiFamily's posters made the top 10 best fan posters according to Tonic. We're number 10 and 9. Check out our skillz here.

TwiSis Pauline in the LA Times here (pictured).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Classic Taylor

Srsly, why am I now only seeing this?! 

New Moon Movie Score

You can now pre-order The Twilight Saga: New Moon (The Score) on iTunes for $11.99 which has an expected release date of 11/20/09. (A day that is forever emblazoned into my heart)

If you go to the iTunes store, you can hear 30 seconds of each track. I'm not because that would be spoiling the music and what do I do with spoilers? Just say 'no'.

You can pre-order it on  being released 11/24/09 for $10.49.

I would go with the iTunes option. Including shipping and taxes, it's coming out to be the same amountand with iTunes, you get it earlier and instantly.

Track listing:

  1. New Moon
  2. Bella Dreams
  3. Romeo & Juliet
  4. Volturi Waltz
  5. Blood Sample
  6. Edward Leaves
  7. Werewolves
  8. I Need You
  9. Break Up
  10. Memories of Edward
  11. Wolves v. Vampire
  12. Victoria
  13. Almost a Kiss
  14. Adrenaline
  15. Dreamcatcher
  16. To Volterra
  17. You are Alive
  18. The Volturi
  19. The Cullens
  20. Marry Me, Bella
  21. Full Moon

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Moon Cast Tour Videos (LA)

Update I: All videos are now viewable in HD below.
It's now 3:06 am on 11/8/09.

Update II: When you click on the videos, you now have an option to view the Closed Captions if you can't make out what the cast is saying. I had some time on my hands today.

Update III: Hot Topic has posted video of their own. It's clear and you can see their faces and know what they're saying. Took 'em a while to edit it I guess. =P

I figure since I'm awake... I think I'll work on a treat for all yous guys. Jacksper fans anyone? Stay tuned to my YouTube channel.

I'm also trying to distract myself from a tiny spoiler that I read. I've been pretty good about not looking at anything other than Rob pictures but I (and I know I shouldn't have) went onto a blog to see what I'm missing and I caught the words Edward's and _____. [I'm not going to repeat it but lets just say that it's a very descriptive action word!] In the context of the _____ scene. So now I have possible scenes in my head and I'm so mad that that one tiny spoiler bit is infecting my brain like some radioactive cancer. It just grows and radiates outward until I'm consumed and it's the only thing I'm thinking of-

But back to our main topic...

Radar Online has video of the introductions here.
HQ Pictures here.
More Pics here.

So much screaming. So many people pushing. I hope you can see everyone!

Videos after the cut.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Camping out for wristbands

Because I don't want to take away from Rob's glory in my previous post, click on "Read more..." to read this entire post.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oh Sweet Jesus

Holy Fucking Shit

Oh God! Dear Lord!

I need to have this man's babies.

(Click Read more for MORE!)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Questions for the cast

I'm compiling a list of question to possibly ask the cast at the LA Hot Topic event. What do you think? Have any suggestions?

1. What are you looking forward to after the series is over?
2. What has been the most embarrassing moment for you during filming? Is it also your funniest moment?
3. What is the most surprising thing you have learned about your co-stars?
4. Are you aware of all the Twilight fan fiction that's out there? What's your reaction to that?
5. What did you like most about filming in Vancouver?
6. What is the biggest lesson or the most valuable thing they've learned while filming and promoting The Twilight Saga?
7. Everything seems to be larger in compared to the first Twilight movie, especially the amount of paparazzi. How do you each go about your daily lives in the face of this?
8. How did you approach your character? What of yourself did you bring to your character?
9. (Fort the new kids) What was your reaction when you found out you had gotten a part in New Moon?
10. Do you guys even have free time? What do you do?
11. Greatest challenges on set? Any really difficult stunts?
12. Ninja vs. Samurai, who dominates who?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want this!

At first I didn't know what was so special about it and then..... WOAH!

Why haven't I thought of this before. It makes me want to sign up for a Capitol One credit card and personalize the card with a photo:
I've got mad cut and paste skills!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MTV Special on 10/30


New York, NY – October 23, 2009 – MTV unleashes insane musical mayhem along with a sneak peek at an exclusive clip from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and commentary from cast members in the network’s first-ever Halloween special, “Ulalume: Howling at New Moon.” The one-hour program, premiering on MTV at 9pm ET/PT on Friday, October 30, 2009, will feature explosive performances by Paramore, AFI, Dead By Sunrise and Kid Cudi as they rock the stage from MTV’s Ulalume Halloween Festival, hosted by tattoo vixen and star of L.A. Ink Kat Von D. The show will also air on MTV2 at 10pm ET/PT, and on mtvU, MTV’s 24 hour college network, at 11 pm ET/PT. (Set your DVR!!!)

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” cast members will take part in the special with Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed kicking off the TV program from one of the most feared haunted houses in North America. Fans will salivate as Ashley Greene dishes on some of the rumors that have been swarming for months. Additionally, during the Halloween special, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will introduce an exclusive, sneak-peek clip from Summit Entertainment’s highly-anticipated film “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” which arrives in theaters on November 20, 2009. (I will not watch but I will be recording it!)

“Ulalume” is the title of a poem by 19th century poet Edgar Allen Poe which possesses a rhythmic sound and repetition that gives the ballad a musical quality, inspiring the festival name.

Beginning Monday, October 26, 2009, fans can head to for a first look at some of the killer performances from the “Ulalume” festival, behind-the-scenes clips, and photos before the special airs on October 30, 2009.

Update: omg, the video is already available on-line. I will not give you the link because I'm going to save you from yourself! =D

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Moon Cast Tour

Update: Date Changes in RED
Mall location I will go to

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON cast tour will visit the following mall locations:
November 6 – Hollywood & Highland Center (Los Angeles, CA) *

November 8 – Park Meadows (Denver, CO)
November 9 – Fair Oaks Mall (Washington, DC)
November 9 – Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco, CA)
November 10 –Mall Location TBD – Check for update (Chicago, IL) *
November 10 – Cherry Hill Mall (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 10 – Houston Galleria (Houston, TX)
November 11 – Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
November 11 – Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN) *
November 12 – Mall of Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
November 12 – Natick Collection (Boston, MA) *
November 12 – Westfield Southcenter (Seattle, WA) *
November 13 – Scottsdale Fashion Square (Phoenix, AZ)
November 14 – Fashion Place (Salt Lake City, UT) *
November 19 - Times Square (New York, NY)
*Denotes a performance by a band featured on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON soundtrack.

People work on Fridays! Don't they know that?! *cough**cough* mmm... I might be sick. Seriously, that is one crazy week. I'm going to two concerts that week. The Silversun Pickups on Tuesday and The Bravery on Thursday.

Dude, it's ganna be like fuck crazy. Especially @ Hollywood/Highland. Jesus Cristo. Should I or shouldn't I... I'm going to the premier (I was *this* close to getting tickets!!!) to scream amongst the tweens lining the red carpet. But still... not the same. Not the up-close-and-personal-you-smell-fucking-awesome type of experience.

To be able to go to November 6th engagement you must get a wristband, to get a wristband you have to go to Hot Topic in Hollywood and Highland by 8am on 10/31/09 and buy a shirt.
Thanks to Cathryn for the tip.

Looks like the universe hates me and doesn't want me to meet the cast. I work on both the 31st and the 6th. =(

Update Part II
The Universe sucks ass for doing this to me:
The tour will kick off in Los Angeles at the Hollywood & Highland Center on November 6th with a concert by several bands featured on New Moon soundtrack: Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, Sea Wolf, and Band of Skulls. Fans can also attend a Question & Answer forum with many of the movie’s cast members.

Seriously, what the fuck?! Those bands are awesome!!!!!! I want to go so badly >_<

Update Part III
Ok Universe, put this in your cake hole and smoke it. I will go and get my wrist band this Saturday. I'm even thinking of camping out Friday night. Then I will brave the other 499 screaming fans and will see the awesomeness with my own eyes next Friday. I will go. I will take pictures and video. There is a good possibility that tears will be involved somehow that day.

Special Instruction from Hot Topic (about the LA date):
The Hot Topic New Moon Pre-Event to get wristbands begins at 8:00 am Saturday, October 31, and the queue line will be at the base of the stairs, near the Lucky Strike entrance on Highland Ave. Starting at 8AM customers will be escorted into the Hot Topic store to purchase the exclusive New Moon Tour T-shirt for $30 to receive a wristband* that guarantees the opportunity to meet cast members from the film on 11/6.

*Taxes not included. Limit one wristband per person. Only 500 wristbands are available.

Update Part IV
This morning (10/30) Hot Topic announced who of the cast willbe there (LA event) next week:
Cast Appearing: Kellan Lutz “Emmett”, Nikki Reed “Rosalie”, Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius”, Alex Meraz “Paul”, Kiowa Gordon “Embry”, Ashley Greene “Alice”, Peter Facinelli “Carlisle”, Elizabeth Reaser “Esme”, Chaske Spencer “Sam” and Bronson Pelletier “Jared
Bands appearing: Band of Skulls, Sea Wolf, Anya Marina, and Death Cab For Cutie

I'll admit, I'm a tiny bit bummed that Rob won't be there. He will be at the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping that night with KStew and TayCob with musical guest Death Cab For Cutie (which I'm going to). =D

So I'm thinking about starting to line up around 10pm - 11pm. Too early? Too late?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Must Resist Spoilers!

28 fucking days to go! (27 by the time you read this)

There are major spoilers floating out there today. Mostly from Rome where they showed 20 fucking full minutes of the movie. Then there's the TV spots, behind the scenes stuff, etc.

Already I feel like I've seen way too much of the movie. Are there any more gasp moments left in the movie? I really want to fan girl hard at the midnight showing and I feel like if I see the tiny-bad-quality-shaky-camera clips then I'm just going to totally ruin the experience for myself.

I quickly glanced at my blog roll and facebook wall and pretty much everyone is sharing the clips or their reactions to them. I will prevail though! I will resist! I tried downloading them so that I can watch them after I see the movie but for some reason my MacTubes is not cooperating with me which is the universe telling me to resist as well. It's a sign!

If you're resisting the temptation as well, I leave you with this slice of heaven:

Click for larger

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ryan Seacrest Reads From New Moon

Below are some really funny clips of Ryan Seacrest reading from the Twilight and New Moon books.

I love how the female staff watching/listening are to so engrossed with what he's saying, they gasp occasionally. Also, check out their various Twilight and New Moon posters they have on the walls of the studio.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 Scream Awards

So, I just got back a little while ago from the taping of Spike TVs Scream Awards at the Greek Theater in Griffith Park. Traffic was horrible but some of the people who went didn't hold back on their costumes. There were some really good ones.

Anyway, I want to share this experience with those of you who couldn't make it but I'm going to warn you now, if you don't want to be spoiled by who wins and what that new footage from New Moon is all about, then well this might not be the post for you.

In case you missed my disclaimer I will color all the really spoiler stuff white, so to read it, just highlight the text and viola!

Disclaimer: We were told under punishment of being kicked out, not to bring bags, cameras, sharp object, etc. and that we would be metal detected before entering the venue. I'm a newbie at award shows so I took it seriously. I brought in money, lip gloss, my car keys, photo ID and my phone. I should have brought my camera because a lot of other people did and they really didn't care. (so pissed!) That said, the pictures in this post are taken by my free (with contract) phone that seems to have a half a pixel so the pictures aren't so much as photographs but an abstract feeling of what was in front of me.

Arriving and the Checkered Carpet:
After braving the 101 and the 134 freeways in LA, what usually takes 35 minutes, took me an hour and a half to get to the venue. There really isn't a parking lot unless you count the grass field that we parked in a "lot". They stack us in so you can't get out until the people in front of you leave.

You've got to register before you can get in line. Not a big deal and you get a blue little wrist band. The waiting was a bit boring but it gave us time to check out the awesome costumes and the hotties walking around shirtless (but with bow ties) showing off their tatts *fnar*!

I arrived around 3:30pm and the line I was in didn't starting moving until almost 5. They were escorting us early people to the checkered carpet which is their version of a red carpet. The kids with the coolest looking costumes were on one side and the rest of us were on the other behind the paparazzi. I'm standing, facing the "stars", in the very back corner of the bleachers so I can see the checkered carpet and also the people filing into the venue and the surrounding area. Lots of people in costume and then they bring out a unicorn. No joke. A white horse with a golden horn sticking out from its forehead. They move the unicorn to the end of the carpet. Then they bring out the angels, scantly clad angels. Above the carpet are black chandeliers and swings among the tree boughs and twinkle lights. The two angels are escorted to the swings and they just sit there the entire time, barely moving.

The "stars" start to show up around 5:30pm. I put stars in quotes because most of the people that we saw arrive and walk the carpet are B and C list people, probably a couple of D listers too. But, at 5:41pm Stan Lee shows up! Who doesn't love a good comic book hero? Chances are he created your favorite hero. The cast from Battle Star Galactica arrives at 5:58pm. I only care about Tahmoh Penikett from BSG but I know him from the Dollhouse. Hottie! 6:45pm Karl Urban from Star Trek and Lord if the Rings arrives. Another hottie!

6:50pm our group gets moved inside the venue. 7:12pm they announce to everyone to take their seats. 7:34pm show starts. I'm sitting right behind the VIP boxes on the floor to the right of the stage. I have a view of one of the stages and a giant screen.

Let the show begin:
MUSE's Uprising introduces the announcer's voice. I'm really excited because MUSE is my favorite and I'm thinking "special musical guests?!" Sadly, no. They just use their song going into a commercial break and coming back from one. Overall their musical choices were spot on. During their breaks (which I thought was weird because they're taping right?) they would have music and show various TV shows opening credits like The Twilight Zone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alf, etc. The stage is pretty awesome. There's a giant rabbit on the right and a giant clock on the left (Alice in Wonderland was pretty popular costumes too). They had a navy blue and white marble staircase with arms railings that were on fire.

They didn't show all the awards for every category. I was really surprised that they never showed the categories where Rob was nominated in but I figured that they weren't close races and he probably won all the ones he was in. Plus, he wasn't there to accept the award and only Hugh Jackman accepted his award via satellite (or taped video message).

[New Moon nominated] For most anticipated movie the winner was (highlight below text to see):
Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp was there to accept the award. He was looking fine as always. They said that they would show new footage but it was the same stuff they showed at Comic Con so it wasn't new to me but it will probably be new to a lot of other people.

[Cam Gigandet nominated] For best villain the winner was:
Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. He's really really tall and has a delicious accent. 

[Taylor Lautner nominated] For best breakout performance the winner was:
Taylor! I'm really glad he didn't bring in GQ game to the awards show or else I probably wouldn't be able to contain the drool. Luckily, he was all pink cheeks and twinkly eyes and very 17-years-old. 

[Twilight nominated] For best fantasy movie the winner was:
Even Elijah Wood knows what's up when he said, "Of course, Twilight!" [cue massive screams from me]. Taylor walks up to accept the award on behalf of the entire cast and crew and introduces the new New Moon footage. This takes place towards the end of the evening after True Blood wins all their awards. If the show turns out to be a 2 hour telecast, then I'd tune in for the last 30 min or so and skip all the filler stuff. 

The New Moon footage:
It starts off familiar enough, a rehash of the second "Jacob" trailer. Then we hear Chris talk more about the wolves, their involvement in the story, and realizing the transformations with CGI.

- behind the camera look at the wolves and Bella confrontation. Sam holding Paul back. Bella bitch punching (doesn't look or sound like a slap) Paul in the face. Paul growling, crouching down, and then bursting up and rearing on his hind legs to stare down Bella in all his wolf-y glory. 
- a look at the computer generated models of the wolves faces and their movement
- scanning Alex's 'fierce look' face (who plays Paul) for a 3D composite for the computer to manipulate
- black wolf in the shadows behind the tree branches slowly creeping towards you
- a wolf biting/attacking Laurent
- a push-into shot of a wolf's eye with Bella's reflection in it (it's ends up as a really really extreme close up when it pushes in all the way)

No Robward but plenty of Wolf Pack and half naked man bursting from their shorts transforming into wolves. Pretty cool.

This is shown right after Taylor accepts the award on behalf of the cast and crew of Twilight for Best Fantasy Film.

The show ends after Tobey Maguire gives Stan Lee the Comic Con Icon Award. Stan Lee arrives on stage on a Spiderman glider and his acceptance speech is really endearing and funny. He's the best.

Then everyone left and leaving the parking lot wasn't a complete nightmare. It was totally fun and I'm glad I wore my Chucks and not heels!

Friday, October 16, 2009

What a day

So tomorrow I will be attending Spike TV's 4th annual SCREAM Awards (don't tell my boss, I'm supposed to be sick). So today I went out to get "supplies". I got a cute outfit and some hair dye. I'm going to try and goth it out tomorrow. I want to find some of those temporary tattoos since I'm wearing a tube top. I couldn't find any faux piercings, I'll just have to make do with some large hoops and red studs. I may or may not post pictures. We'll see how much of a disaster I will eventually turn out to be but I'm really really excited for tomorrow!

My day got better when I came home and saw that the awesome theater I had wanted to go see New Moon in, started selling tickets to their midnight showing. I was logging on like crazy and texting my friends at the same time trying to get tickets.

Key word there, trying.

It seemed like everyone and their mother were trying to get these tasty little tickets. I got through a few times but when I clicked on 'purchase', I would get a fucking error message because of all the hoes that were jamming up the web site.

Then the site announced that they were "experiencing problems with their ticketing services" -no shit Sherlock- "and to buy your tickets at the kiosk." I'm so f-ing pissed at this point. I had been trying on-line for a good hour... hour and a half. I need me some shirtless Robward on a giant screen in my reserved seat, so this bitch drives over to the theater only to meet a 17-year-old prick behind the Customer Service counter who tells me that they can't sell me the New Moon tickets because of problems they're having and that the only way to buy them is on-line.

*face palm* This shit just doesn't end.

Meanwhile... I'm still texting my friends and they are still trying to get them on-line.  One of them manages to get 2, awesome... now we just need 3 more. Another one finds them at a similar theater but different location, fine... buy them....CRAP session expired!!

I finally get home, try on the web site again and.... success! Ladies, we're going to the midnight showing!

So what's the big fuss? Well this theater has reserved seating, awesome bar/cafe, movie exhibits, and super comfy seats. It's a really really nice place to see a movie.

They better not do this to me again or I'm really going to get mad.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Twilight Saga Music

New Moon soundtrack is coming out tomorrow (for those of you who live under a rock).
So it's out today, get it! The album booklet opens up into a poster. (pic on the left) I have the iTunes order and you're not really missing much if you don't get it. Here is the album artwork that came with the download.

MUSE talking with MTV about possibly showing up on the Eclipse soundtrack. New Moon isn't even out yet and we're already talking about Eclipse and rumors are going around about Breaking Dawn.

MTV also interviews Lykke Li about her track on the soundtrack and her feelings about life, love, death and Rob.
"So Li sat down at her piano and wrote "Possibility," a very maudlin song about love and pain and, ultimately, death. Lots of death. Like we said, she doesn't operate like most of her pop contemporaries."
Read more about the interview here.

Film and TV Music Conference. October 29-30th.

The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard join forces to deliver a cutting-edge, two-day seminar on the role of music in film and television. The 8th annual event provides a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas among film, TV and music professionals. Also featured will be live artist performances, roundtable discussions, and networking cocktail parties.

On Thursday, there will be a panel with Chris Weitz, Alexandre Desplat and the people behind the Twilight and New Moon Soundtracks. More info on tickets and the event here. They're offering a special discounted price for Twilight fans who order with promo code MOON, with the code the tickets are only $199. (I'd rather buy $200 worth of Twilight t-shirts)

Update 10/30: You can read a bit of what happened at the Conference yesterday here. More in-depth details of each panel to follow.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twi News

The bad thing about working a 10 hour day is that it takes me 2 hours to check my blog roll and when I hear something amazing, it's usually 8-11 hours after the fact and most of the excitement is gone. I love being there to comment on an awesome post and comment-chat about it.

Anyway, here's the latest in the Twi-fandom:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Soundtrack will be released this Friday, October 16th. This comes from Summit's Twitter account so you know it's official. I'm pretty sure that this was due to it leaking two days ago. They say it's because of the "high demand". Now if only the movie will get leaked, then they'll have to release it now!

You can vote now for Twilight's Soundtrack to win an American Music Award (AMA) which will air Sunday, November 22 8/7c.

It looks like there are more magazines heading my our way. In addition to Kristen Stewart's November issue of Allure, Harper's Bazaar December issue with Rob and Kristen, Taylor's Rolling Stone issue, Gossip Cop says that all three will be doing an Entertainment Weekly cover. I don't need to go out and buy that one, I have a subscription! Woot! [Update: Looks like even more magazines are already out there, check out my October is Magazine Month for the new covers].

This Saturday I will be attending Spike's SCREAM 2009 Awards where Taytay will show new footage from New Moon. AWESOME!!

Update: Two new upcoming events.

Special event. Borders in LA (Westwood) is holding a "New Moon Live" Podcast with people from various Twilight fan sites. More info here.

Yet another Convention cashing in on the Twilight band wagon. They call themselves New Con. It's headliners are 100 Monkeys (Jackson's band). It takes place Nov. 6-8 in Nashville. More info here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack Uploaded!!!

The universe loves me!

Francesca posted this about an hour ago. Someone has uploaded the ENTIRE New Moon Soundtrack to YouTube.


Update: Download all the songs here.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Score looks to available Nov 24th.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Comic Con Project Update

UPDATE: It's done (10/15 it got burned)! Hurray! It's so freakin' cool. =D

If you don't know, I went to this year's Comic Con in San Diego. I only went for one day, Thursday, but that was the only important day to go since that was the day of the New Moon panel.

You can read about my day here but what I want to update you on is the status of my DVD that I'm making of the New Moon panel. I filmed the entire thing (with pauses for batteries changes) and edited it together into a little movie. It's just shy of an hour long running time but it has the Q&As, two sneak peak clips, and lots of awkward Rob.

Now, I finished with the making of the actual movie about 2 months ago. I had burned a prototype for a friend who was moving away but I wanted it to be more of an overall experience. Here is what I have planned so far for my project:

1. Edit film together with added chapters and background music (done)
2. Add a subtitle track because sometimes it's hard to hear them through all the screaming. (I just finished this tonight!)
Special Features to include:
3. A slide show of all the pictures that came out that day and set to music. I need music ideas!
4. The press conference panel (Fandango)
5. The various interviews by Entertainment Weekly, MTV, etc.
6. The small bit when Kevin Smith mentions New Moon in his panel

I can't think of anything more to add but I'd love suggestions.

New Moon Soundtrack Update

Most is copied from my Random, Awesome & Funny post but with more info and updates.

You can now pre-order New Moon: The Official Soundtrack on iTunes here. It features 4 bonus tracks along with the others. When you pre-order, you'll automatcally download Anya Marina's song Satellite Heart.

Entertainment Weekly reviewed the soundtrack and gave it an A! Read their article here.

Listen to a piece of each track here!

2. Band Of Skulls - Friends
3. Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage
4. Lykke Li - Possibility
5. The Killers - A White Demon Love Song
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Done All Wrong
12. OK Go - Shooting The Moon (additional info here)
14. Editors - No Sound But The Wind
15. Alexandre Desplat - New Moon (The Meadow)

16. Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite (Exclusive)
17. Amadou & Mariam - The Magic Numbers (Exclusive)
18. The APM Orchestra - Die Fledermaus - Duettino: Ach, ich darf nicht hin zu dir [Exclusive]
19. Death Cab For Cutie - Meet Me On The Equinox (Video)
20. Ulf Bastlein - Wandrers Nachtlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D.768 [Exclusive] (pre-order only)

I thought the Death Cab song was good but now that they have a music video with new scenes, I love it! Great editing!

The Band of Skulls track is very "them". It sounds like it could be from their album. I have no idea where it's going to show up in the movie though.

Thom Yorke's track is techno-y and energy enthused.

Lykke Li's haunting voice is dreamlike.

The Killers sound like they're channeling Johnny Cash.

Anya's song is cute and melodic. Her accent is a bit.... =/

I love MUSE. I want to hear the part where they sing in French. It's a strong song.

Bon Iver and St. Vincent have such distinct and unique voices on their own and this duet is simply sublime. It's filled with love and sorrow.

I really really like Done All Wrong. I love the 'heart beat' percussion.

Monsters is very alternative and rocky-er from his usual stuff.

Sea Wolf is channeling 80s David Bowie but in a good way with maybe a hint or Morrissey?

Ok Go's track is different. You can't ignore that base drum.

Slow Life is beautiful. I'm going to see them in concert with Beach House and they're playing this song! So excited.

Editors have been listening to too much Meatloaf me thinks. =D

Alexandre Desplat's "The Meadow" track will be one of the first songs to be put on repeat in my car and at work. It's perfection. All I think of when I hear it are Edward's eyes looking at me with the deepest love in them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No, this is not my car!

and no I don't wish this was my car. 

The New Moon Movie Companion book came out today. I went out to buy it durning my lunch. My co-workers were all over my ass about it too. 

I really need to stop telling them of my latest shenanigans so I can stop the constant head shakes and eye rolls. But sometimes, I just can't keep it in. I just can't keep it to myself.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More merchandise

First off, NECA, the creators of all the Twilight Saga merchandise has some serious quality assurance issues. Their Edward doll for New Moon is supposed to look like what they sell through their Amazon store here. Instead, what we in the US get is this garbage seen here.

Really? How did our NM Mini E doll get mass produced? It doesn't look anything like how it's supposed to. Someone should get fired and they should re-release the correct version (it'd be nice if they fixed his slightly crossed eyes too).

Now this combines my two loves: Twilight and Anime. Yen Press is creating a Twilight Manga (graphic novel). It looks so amazing! They're not out yet and don't have a release date. Yen Press tells you to go here for updates on when it will be published. So far not a peep. EW wrote about this in an earlier issue.

There are these bracelets which are available in the France but not here. Bummer. They're kind of cute and not too flashy.

I want this necklace or something similar. Totally cute. I saw it at Hot Topic but I'm sort of cringing at the $20 price tag. I've been looking on Etsy for something like it but no dice. I love how it says "Twilight" down the pendant. Cute!!

These buttons are pretty cool too but not sold by Hot Topic (yet I hope!). So far you can only get them in the UK or on line for a few pounds.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Even though the New Moon Movie Companion is coming out in 3 days and we've got 47 more until the movie... I'm DYING here!

*goose bumps all over mah body*

I keep chanting OhMyGod followed by both hands to the face to keep in my squeals. I'm gasping for breath.

EDWARD! ROBERT! In High Definition!!

Every picture I look at, I do another *facepalm* because he is more beautiful in each picture! Why aren't people screaming around me?? Don't they know what they could be viewing?! I look like a freaking idiot and crazed person right now @ Barnes & Nobel.

I'm like... trying to hold back the tears. I'm so happy and excited... it's overwhelming my system. I'm tearing up. >_< (It's not working, I'm dabbing at my eyes now)

*panties explode*

More at the Source

Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Magazine Month

There is so much Rob porn out there. October is the month that magazine publishers have realized that Twilight fanaddicts will buy anything in the next 48 until the movie comes out.

Important Note: I'm not posting all the scans and articles. For those you can check out the Important Places (on the far right side --->), they will have everything you're looking for.

AnOther Man Magazine (UK)

He makes me forget my name. I have the second one as my wallpaper
and we can't stop staring at each other.

I have a cousin that lives in London with her new husband. I'm trying to
contact her so she could buy and send me this magazine.

Looks like they'll be selling this in the US. I saw the Fall Fashion issue today (10/9) at Borders.
Update: This issue is scheduled to be on the stands Oct. 16th.

Empire Magazine (UK)

This is the November issue. I've read that some people already have it and they do sell this magazine at Barnes & Noble, but as of today, they still have the October issue on the magazine stands with Avatar on the cover.

This issue not only comes with an excellent article but two giant posters as well. Magazine WIN!

Joy Magazine (Mexico)

Read the translated article here and see the rest of the scanned pages.
I have family in Mexico... I wonder if they'll do me a "favor". >:-)

GQ Style (not to be confused with their regular GQ issue)

The article is a new look at Rob as an actor. Very GQ-esk. (The one with him on the cover is from Spain)


For the KStew lovers out there. She's looking fierce!
Pictures and interview will be in the 40th Anniversary Issue of Interview. You can read it here.
Right now the current September issue is on the racks featuring Natalie Portman (snore). I just picked up my copy at Borders! (10/9)


This comes out October 29th and will have a feature on The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

One Magazine (France)

Anyone know French and want to translate this for me? :-D
More delicious scans here.

GQ Australia
Celebrating their 10th Anniversary they put our Rob on the cover and a new interview inside. More here.

Allure Magazine
Back in June Kristen was at the Santa Monica Pier doing this photo shoot. This November issue hits stands October 20.

Seventeen Magazine
Kristen is the covergirl of the November issue. There is a new interview with our top three actors and some pics too. The one with Rob on the cover is from Mexico.

SciFi Magazine
There's a pretty good article in there despite the kinda bad cover (there are a lot of better pictures of him they could have photoshopped!) I just bought this today (10/9) 'cus Rob sells me magazines.

Tu Magazine
Looks like the tiny pics that were leaked of Rob's mysterious photo shoot back in August are resurfacing. They used one of them on this cover. fnar!

People Special Edition
They have a shot from Eclipse, a few new New Moon pictures, and info that we know already.

Virgin Blue
October issue. He wants me... bad!

GQ (November issue)
He's legal in Georgia...