Friday, November 6, 2009

New Moon Cast Tour Videos (LA)

Update I: All videos are now viewable in HD below.
It's now 3:06 am on 11/8/09.

Update II: When you click on the videos, you now have an option to view the Closed Captions if you can't make out what the cast is saying. I had some time on my hands today.

Update III: Hot Topic has posted video of their own. It's clear and you can see their faces and know what they're saying. Took 'em a while to edit it I guess. =P

I figure since I'm awake... I think I'll work on a treat for all yous guys. Jacksper fans anyone? Stay tuned to my YouTube channel.

I'm also trying to distract myself from a tiny spoiler that I read. I've been pretty good about not looking at anything other than Rob pictures but I (and I know I shouldn't have) went onto a blog to see what I'm missing and I caught the words Edward's and _____. [I'm not going to repeat it but lets just say that it's a very descriptive action word!] In the context of the _____ scene. So now I have possible scenes in my head and I'm so mad that that one tiny spoiler bit is infecting my brain like some radioactive cancer. It just grows and radiates outward until I'm consumed and it's the only thing I'm thinking of-

But back to our main topic...

Radar Online has video of the introductions here.
HQ Pictures here.
More Pics here.

So much screaming. So many people pushing. I hope you can see everyone!

Videos after the cut.
From HT itself:

My vids:
Question and Answer with the cast:
Rob, Kristen and Taylor showed up from taping Jimmy Kimmel Live to introduce the rest of the cast. The cast included: Billy Burke (Charlie Swan), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), Alex Meraz (Paul), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Cameron Bright (Alec), and Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius).

Q&A part 1 of 5

Q&A part 2 of 5 with Closed Captions

Q&A part 3 of 5 with Closed Captions

Q&A part 4 of 5 with Closed Captions

Q&A part 5 of 5 with Closed Captions

Hidden look* at Chaske, Kellan, Nikki, Kiowa, and Cameron. Turn on Closed Captions.
[This is the only one not in HD, I figure you couldn't see anything anyways...]

*I mean really hidden. We weren't allowed to take pictures or video but I didn't wait on the cold concrete for 12 hours for nothing. You can't see them very well, especially when the camera drops into my purse. But, you can hear me ask them questions as I go down the table!

Death Cab for Cutie's Meet Me On The Equinox performance

Sea Wolf's The Violent Hour performance

Anya Marina's Satellite Heart performance

[Not my vid] Band of Skulls' Friends performance


  1. Poor you. I'll wait.

  2. Can I post all of these video to LJ?

  3. Um, yes... link back or source me 4 credit.

    I'll make them all HD eventually but I want to get them out there for now. I have to go to work tomorrow... err later on today so I'll HD them after work.

  4. You'll be our hero if you can upload all of these in HD! Not today, but tomorrow is ok!