Thursday, October 22, 2009

Must Resist Spoilers!

28 fucking days to go! (27 by the time you read this)

There are major spoilers floating out there today. Mostly from Rome where they showed 20 fucking full minutes of the movie. Then there's the TV spots, behind the scenes stuff, etc.

Already I feel like I've seen way too much of the movie. Are there any more gasp moments left in the movie? I really want to fan girl hard at the midnight showing and I feel like if I see the tiny-bad-quality-shaky-camera clips then I'm just going to totally ruin the experience for myself.

I quickly glanced at my blog roll and facebook wall and pretty much everyone is sharing the clips or their reactions to them. I will prevail though! I will resist! I tried downloading them so that I can watch them after I see the movie but for some reason my MacTubes is not cooperating with me which is the universe telling me to resist as well. It's a sign!

If you're resisting the temptation as well, I leave you with this slice of heaven:

Click for larger

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