Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon is out... now what?

It feels like I've been waiting forever to see New Moon. Now that I have (several times), everything seems anti-climatic. I've looked at the interviews and "spoiler/leaked" footage that came out before the movie and it's like "yea, I remember that bit." Though I'm really really glad I remained spoiler free!

It feels a little early to get hyped for Eclipse. I'm still coming down from my New Moon high. I have a ton of Twi-related stuff to do but even with all that, I feel a little lost.

In no particular order, I need to:
- Save a bunch of HQ photos that are coming out (magazines, photo shoots, events...)
- There's a bunch of fan fiction chapters I need to catch up on.
- I need to re-read Eclipse now.
- Catch up on all the Twi-blogs since I went on a spoiler strike a month ago
- Make another Midnight Sun copy and/or hand bind another fan fic favorite

But I can't find the excitement/energy to do any of it.....

I might need a break from Twilight. (OMG I can't believe I just said that...)

Maybe it's like I need to feel the withdraw of Twilight before I can get in my super-fan mode. Or maybe all that camping out and staying up at night is finally catching up with me.

Or maybe not. I've downloaded a cam version to see the movie and I watch it whenever I can, usually just the Edward parts. I listen to the soundtrack and the score on repeat everywhere I go, including work. I think about Rob... a lot. Sometimes when he's Edward.

I need a Twi-pick-me-up and get re-energized! I need a Full Size Edward or a mini-E to have adventures with. haha

Update: This made my day!

Rob sleeps naked! *swoon*

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