Friday, October 16, 2009

What a day

So tomorrow I will be attending Spike TV's 4th annual SCREAM Awards (don't tell my boss, I'm supposed to be sick). So today I went out to get "supplies". I got a cute outfit and some hair dye. I'm going to try and goth it out tomorrow. I want to find some of those temporary tattoos since I'm wearing a tube top. I couldn't find any faux piercings, I'll just have to make do with some large hoops and red studs. I may or may not post pictures. We'll see how much of a disaster I will eventually turn out to be but I'm really really excited for tomorrow!

My day got better when I came home and saw that the awesome theater I had wanted to go see New Moon in, started selling tickets to their midnight showing. I was logging on like crazy and texting my friends at the same time trying to get tickets.

Key word there, trying.

It seemed like everyone and their mother were trying to get these tasty little tickets. I got through a few times but when I clicked on 'purchase', I would get a fucking error message because of all the hoes that were jamming up the web site.

Then the site announced that they were "experiencing problems with their ticketing services" -no shit Sherlock- "and to buy your tickets at the kiosk." I'm so f-ing pissed at this point. I had been trying on-line for a good hour... hour and a half. I need me some shirtless Robward on a giant screen in my reserved seat, so this bitch drives over to the theater only to meet a 17-year-old prick behind the Customer Service counter who tells me that they can't sell me the New Moon tickets because of problems they're having and that the only way to buy them is on-line.

*face palm* This shit just doesn't end.

Meanwhile... I'm still texting my friends and they are still trying to get them on-line.  One of them manages to get 2, awesome... now we just need 3 more. Another one finds them at a similar theater but different location, fine... buy them....CRAP session expired!!

I finally get home, try on the web site again and.... success! Ladies, we're going to the midnight showing!

So what's the big fuss? Well this theater has reserved seating, awesome bar/cafe, movie exhibits, and super comfy seats. It's a really really nice place to see a movie.

They better not do this to me again or I'm really going to get mad.

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  1. Yes, and thank you very much for buying them!! I guess I arrived too late to get the red! I think I would have been happier there instead of hanging out in the "lot" with my stupid high heels. I can't believe I did that to myself!! My feet are still healing.