Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn part 1 premiere

Breaking Dawn part 1 Premiere - Master Post
last updated 12/12/11

Check out what happened before and during the premiere for Breaking Dawn part 1 at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Here you'll find:
- A breakdown of every key moment from the morning of getting the wristbands to just after the end of the Premiere.
- Photos throughout the camp out and during the premiere.
- Videos of celebrities visiting Tent City, walking the black carpet, and the bands that performed during the concert.
- Audio of the entire sets of each band that played the Breaking Dawn soundtrack concert on Saturday (11/12/11)

And a bunch of other stuff after the jump!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grauman's Chinese Theater Ceremony

Friday 11-4-11 update: All videos are now on YouTube. Scroll down to view!

We did it! Strike me down if I ever complain about being too tall. My monkey arms came in handy today!

I arrived just after 4 in the morning and was 94th in line. *phew* The early birds in line slept there as evidence by the sleeping bags and cushions. At 6 am, they moved everyone to the back of Jimmy Kimmel Live (alley) then up to the corner of Hollywood and Orange. They took our names and gave us our numbers. Initially, they said that they would let in 120 people but after seeing the numbers and counting they went will 100. Good thing too because otherwise it would have been really crowded and uncomfortable. At 8:30 am, they started handing out wrist bands. Once you got these you were good to go.

S. Meyer
It wasn't much longer that they herded us behind the barricades. The sun started rising then and we weren't looking forward to watching everything with the sun in our eyes. Luckily, the sun went behind a building and I was in glorious shade.

The ceremony started out with Jimmy Kimmel saying hello and introducing Stephenie Meyer. She said hello and thanked the actors blah blah blah. She looked really great though. I loved her dress. It was super cute. Jimmy then introduced Rob, Kristen and Taylor. They said thank you, we're so grateful, blah blah blah.

This was our view for 99% of the hand and foot printing ceremony:
No amount of screaming would get these security guards to move. It was frustrating to say the least. I took hundreds of pictures and they basically as worthless as this one.

Thankfully, our heroes are super classy and turned around and spent some time signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans (just us 100). Check out the link below for all of the pictures I uploaded.

View whole album (20+ photos so far!)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hand and Foot print ceremony for the Twifecta

It's Thursday night and I'm preparing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will have their hand and foot impressed into the sidewalk in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Ceremony starts ~10am but my friends and I are thinking of getting there at 4am. The line for the forecourt starts at 6am.

Based upon what I'm hearing from the back alley of Jimmy Kimmel Live where Rob is taping his interview, people from around the country and world have flown in and have invaded LA. This week is Breaking Dawn Press Junket Week.

Expect lots of pictures from everyone this week. I'll post what I can but other blogs are a lot faster than I am uploading and sharing their photos, fyi. They're all doing the late night shows and a few morning shows. Tonight, they're screening Breaking Dawn (I think at The Grove) for 700 odd people. Reading twitter and the excitement is depressing because I'm not there or in Rob's dressing room where I should be.

What I am doing and what you can expect a blog post about is the Grauman's event tomorrow, TwiCon on Saturday, and camping out and being at the Breaking Dawn premiere. I'm also going to a midnight show but that goes without saying.

Time to charge my batteries.

Sorry about my lack of updates and posts (especially on Comic Com but if you were there you know, shit goes down). I'm still alive. I update my website: The Lit of Twi and my goal is to record during "Tent City" at the Breaking Dawn premiere and using it as a podcast. We'll see how that goes.

Monday, July 25, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011

This will be my master post on this year's wonderful Comic Con. I was there for all four days but I'm only posting relevant "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" stuff.

Here is a quick slide show of some of the best pictures that I took. I also made a few gifs in there.

Yes, I'm still alive, I survived comic con, and will eventually spew all the gory details. I've recently bought a new MacBook and in addition to this blog, I also manage a website, podcast and local Twilight book/fan fiction club (LA County if you're interested).

Here's what you can expect to read about in this post (once everything is uploaded n'stuff):
1. Urban Camping on the grassy area waiting for Hall H.
2. Free Summit swag they handed out to people waiting in line
3. Visit from some of the stars of Breaking Dawn in the morning
4. The Breaking Dawn panal
5. Summit booth in the exhibit hall and what they were giving away
6. Overall reaction and is it worth to go next year.

Stay tuned!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Dramatic Reading a la Elizabeth Reaser

It's happened again folks. The Twilight fan fiction fans over on VH1's Morning Buzz had Elizabeth Reaser in the studio and asked her to do a dramatic reading of a fan fiction (I bet they said, "Well, Michael Sheen did it so...").

It's great. She has great enunciation. It's hard to read a story out loud. I do it for my podcast and I'm constantly tripping over my tongue. Anyway, here it is, your moment of zen.

Sound only:

Elizabeth Reaser reads A Pair of Emerald Earrings by SharonMacross

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer

I wondered how long the Breaking Dawn Trailer would show up and be downloadable on the internet after it aired on the MTV movies awards that's being shown tonight. The answer: Negative 7 hours (and change).

Was the trailer stolen by some TwiHard hacker who couldn't wait? Looks like Summit did the dirty work for us and leaked it out before it aired. I'm sure MTV was thinking

So my reaction besides chanting "ohmygodohmygod", crying, panting and fanning my face in a movie theater as I'm trying to leave while watching the trailer on my phone..... I'm still recovering. I headed straight home to download and save it for all eternity and then check out the screen captures that people have done. These are some of my favorites:

Not from the trailer but I'd thought I'd start off with Breaking Dawn's tag line: Forever is only the beginning. That's so romantic. And I don't mean that in a condecending way. It really is a beautiful statement and makes me thinking of what I could possible to do Rob Edward for Forever.

I cannot tell you how thrilled and tickled I am that they're using his full name. They even have Masen in there. ( I thought it was Mason =P potaytoe potahtoe) My inner (and outer) nerd and fan girl is jumping up and down. It speaks to his past and it's like Edward Sr. and Elizabeth are there with him :')

The wedding right [Right] looks like an oversized version of her index finger moonstone ring, the wedding band [Left] is perfect. I love it.

I want to sit on his face.

Oh my! What this man does to me through a picture!

I cannot get tired of this trailer. Imagine what the actual movie is going to me like?! Seriously, I cannot fucking wait for Comic Con in July. I hope and pray that there is a Breaking Dawn panel and that they'll be sharing some footage. Oh My Gawd, I'm shivering in anticipation just thinking about it. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Twilight Round Up

As usual, I'm going to add my two cents on recent Twilight stuff that's out there. First, my love of Twilight has been all about reading Twilight fan fiction. That's why it tickled me pink when Twilight actor Michael Sheen [Aro] went on VH1's Morning Buzz show and did a dramatic reading of one of my favorite author's story, Unexpected Circumstances. Here's what I'm talking about:

I must have watched this three times before recording the audio in case the video is ever removed. You can access/download an mp3 of this here on Soundcloud.

Michael Sheen Reads Unexpected Circumstances by SharonMacross

The Twilight Illustrated Official Guide came out a few weeks ago. I went to my local Borders with coupon in hand and bought it. I'm on page 6. So far, not much new stuff. My goal is to finish it by the end of the year but we'll see. Maybe I'll finish it while waiting on the Breaking Dawn red carpet premiere? It's been so long since I read the original books that I've forgotten when Steph wrote and left out and what new information the Guide could offer. Anyway, yet another book on my "To Be Read" list. You can see my incomplete list on my Good Reads account.

Also in book form. The long awaited (was anyone really waiting with anticipation for this?) is the second volume of the Twilight Graphic Novel. I wasn't going to buy this based upon the underwhelming volume two but the cover is so gorgeous. Is is the coloring? The soft pencil edges? The subject matter? I don't know but this Manga Edward is hot. It hits shelves October 11, 2011 and with coupon in hand, I'll probably buy it.

In more recent news, Melissa Rosenberg is going to be the speaker at USC for YouTube's Distinguished Series on Tuesday, May 31st. I'm thinking of attending and if I do, I'll blog about. If you want to attend (free to all), check out the Lexicon's post about it.

Also up next is the MTV Movie Awards and yes, Eclipse is up for a bunch of awards. Vote vote vote and show the world how strong our fandom can be! *evil laugh* The awards are happening Sunday, June 5 9/8c

What else is tickling me? The Twilight mentions of Twilight in upcoming movies. Evidence: the trailers for Crazy, Stupid Love and Bad Teacher [screen caps below]

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking Leaks


I'm still a little awed/breathless right now. We had shirtless Monday when Rob and the cast were in Multipulciano filming the Italy scenes in New Moon. Well today, March 31 2011, is Isle Esme Thursday. Photos and video were leaked earlier in the day and the Twidom experienced a simultaneous orgasm.

I'm afraid I can't re-post anything or share links because everyone has taken down their photos at Summit's request. Let's just say you should bring an extra change of panties to the theater with you... and some Handy Wipes.

Damn... Rob's looking good... hmmm back and arm muscles...

Here's an artist's rendering of one of the pictures:

I'm probably going to make them rotate as my cellphone wallpaper until official still are released. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My dive into Twi crafts

So I'm on a fun binge. My weekends are filling up quite nicely. Two weekends ago I gathered up some girlfriends and we spent several hours at a Color Me Mine. For those of you who don't know what that it, it's a crafty store that's all about painting and decorating pottery of all kinds. They have plain ceramic (?) pieces for you to paint on. You then leave it there for them to glaze and fire and then pick up the finished product.

To get the suspense out of the way. Here's my Twilight themed pasta bowl:

This bowl is based off of the first book in the Twilight series. See it? It's my version of the meadow scene with a lion and lamb in the middle surrounded by wild flowers. The outside of the bowl is painted the darker green of the edges with dark green and olive green trees to represent the forest surrounding the meadow. I love it. Needless to say, my girlfriends were oohing and ahhing over it and immediately had craft remorse. 

How I did it: I had the idea of this in my head. I just didn't know how to do the lion and lamb in the middle. So I do what any savvy girl does. I Googled "lion lamb".  The image on the right is what I was trying to draw. I didn't want to be quite so literal so I flipped the picture horizontally. Originally I sketched this onto the plate then started to paint. The paint started to smudge the pencil marks to I erased all but a faint few lines. They tell you that you can't paint light colors over dark so I had to paint the white of the lamb first. What I did was paint a white blob to cover the area then took the brown and a very thing brush and painted a brown outline around it. The green came next. They say to do a minimum of three layers of paint for the color not to fade after firing. I tried to leave the "lion" as empty as possible and tried to really define the bottom of the lamp. I covered the entire bowl in the new grass green. The lion is two shades of brown. It's tedious painting, waiting for it to try, and re-painting to get the colors to fix. The darker brown shows up in his mane, the tip of his take, and in his nose/mouth feature. I was going to do eyes but my brush wasn't fine enough. I started to paint a face on the lamb but the paints doesn't lead to fine lines and I quickly wiped/painted over it. 

Then I covered the sides of the bowl a medium green and with a medium brush, made lots of grass strokes to represent blades of grass. I made sure that it almost touched or went over just a bit onto the bottom of the bowl into the light green. Then I took a dark green and painted the edge and the rim and re-did the blades of grass onto the medium green. Once all dry, I covered the sides of the bowl with "flowers". Dots of purple and blue, blossoms of white, petals of red and orange and hints of yellow are sporadically spread out. I didn't want to overwhelm it with too many flowers. 

The outside of the bowl was painted in a similar but simpler way. All dark green with thick trunks of brown and happy little trees (ala Bob Ross) in a darker and dusty greens. I signed the bottom and called myself done. Overall, it took around two hours. I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing over little details. We're going back next month and I'm determined to not stop until I have a whole Twilight set. I'm thinking that next time, I'll paint a New Moon plate. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

TwiCon LA 2011

This last weekend was Creation Entertainment's Twilight Convention (TwiCon). Special guests included Jodelle Ferland, Bronson Pelletier, Julia Jones, Tinsel Korey, Booboo Stewart, Gil Birmingham and Peter Facinelli. My friend invited me to Saturday's event and I'm not going to say no, and it was fun and very typical. This was my third convention and if you want a play by play, check out Twilight Lexicon's twitter feed.

Friday was Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones.
Saturday was Jodelle Ferland, Bronson Pelletier, Julia Jones & Tinsel Korey, Booboo Stewart and Gil Birmingham.
Sunday was Gil Birmingham, Bronson & Booboo, with Peter Facinelli ending the weekend.

Here are some highlights from Saturday:

More pictures from my friend @nelln here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ticket, check. Costume, umm...

Firstly as a gigantic MUSE fan, I just have to say that I'm uber happy they the trio took home the American Grammy for "Best Rock Album" for Resistance. Very well deserved. I only wanted to watch the Grammy's because they were performing. Yes, my heart was beating fast. Yes, my palms got sweating watching it. Yes, I was watching it in the dark on my lap top.

They just get better and better. My dream is to see them somewhere in Europe. Someday...

Ok so that didn't have anything to do with the title, let me explain:

Yes. I will be returning to Comic Con this summer. I'll bring my fan fic t-shirts (which have arrived and looks amazing!) but it's Comic Con so you have to dress up. I just don't know what wear. Maybe a Naruto shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Tribe? Bright red Vulturi cloak? I have a green 3/4" sleeved shirt, jeans, and blue Keds so I could be "Italy Bella". Decisions decisions. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

February for Twilight fans

I know that if I put "Happy Birthday Taylor" I'll get a google hit because everyone will be googling him today (even if you Bing you're using Google). So... Happy 19th Birthday Taylor Lautner (watches blog counter go up).

Last year I made a little manip of him holding a lovely bow over his half naked chest, this year all you get is this t-shirt:
Drawing by uniqueLegend

I'm not a Tay tay follower. I'm more of Rob's plaything =)

In other news....

February means Valentine's Day. If you're lucky enough to find a significant other before you found Twilight, you're probably going to spend the weekend with them. Otherwise, if you're like me, you'll be sending naughty candy grams to your other Twi-singles. I'll be doing that and going wine tasting. There will be chocolate covered somethings involved I'm sure.

My bff is a major Wolf girl. Here are a few of my Valentine Card options:

I think I'll do something hand made...

You could always see a movie, most likely, about sex you're not having.

Advance to 1:35 and you'll hear The Bravery's "Ours" from the Eclipse soundtrack. Clearly they're expecting you to see this movie. You'd hate to disappoint right?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fan fiction merchandise

I've been wanting something to show my devotion to Twilight Fan Fiction. Maybe a bumper sticker? License plate frame?

Nope (though they're not totally out of the question). I decided that I wanted to have a t-shirt. You really can make anything nowadays. I used the fandom friendly Cafe Press to make my own creations. I wanted to represent stories that I love and that others would recognize.

My very first story into the fan fiction universe was Wide Awake by Angstgoddess003. It remains my all time favorite fic. It has everything I love in a story and it always makes me cry and sigh. It has a lot of great quotes that would make great slogans for t-shirts "I missed the shit out of you" "Shining Fucking Curls" "Red Bella White Bella" etc. But I settled on the moment that Edward knew that Bella was more than just a girl who, with real flowers and cookies, allowed him to sleep.
"The switch was gone and my girl was beautiful." -Wide Awake

I love that moment! When she gets back from Arizona after the trial. Gah! I love this story.

Now once you start designing t-shirts on your favorite stories, it's hard to stop. I have several already but I only made and bought one more. The other story I'm going to wear with pride is Snowqueens Icedragon's Master of the Universe. Fifty is a classic character. The incident he has in Echo Charlie makes me cringe every time. My heart can't help but beat itself out of my chest whenever I re-read the story. It's so so good (that's what she said). It also doesn't hurt that I'm going to be waring Rob all over my chest.
"Master of the Universe // 50 Shades // by Snowqueens Icedragon"

It makes me want to walk in Downtown LA or at the next Kings game in Staples Center and try to make eye contact with everyone to see if they recognize the stories or their references. 

So I think for sure, the next bit of merchandise will be either a license plate frame or a window decal. Is "FORKS" too subtle? I do not want a "I drive like a Cullen" plate frame. That's lame. Maybe just "Addicted to Fan Fiction" or "Caution! Lemons ahead!" What do you think? :0)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bobby Long

I guess you can call this Twi related. It's all about making the degrees of separation between myself and Rob as small as possible. That's the goal right? Anyway, so earlier in the week I saw that Bobby Long was doing a concert out here in LA. Now if the name sounds familiar, that's because Bobby and our lovely Mr. Pattinson, are friend. He actually wrote the two songs that Rob sings in the Twilight movie. I was wavering back and fourth trying to decide if I should go to the concert or not. I really don't know any of his music. So the first thing I do is send out the call "Does anyone want to go with me??" Crickets. I probably should have given them more than a day's notice but whatev'. So around 5:30pm-ish, I decide to just go for it and go by myself. He's playing the Troubadour which is probably my favorite venue. Great place, friendly bartenders, and yummy food. It's also semi close by. I go online to buy a ticket but it's too close to show time, you have to chance it and go to the box office. So off I went.

The opener was a band called He's My Brother She's My Sister and I'm assuming that the two leads are brother and sister. They were a lot of fun. Clappy. Some of their percussion was done via tap dancing which I thought was really creative and pretty awesome. The dude on bass was actually on a double bass, not a guitar but an orchestra bass which I think has a lower more resounding tone. Anyway, they were a good.

Then Bobby comes out with his band and gets everyone all fired up with his opening song. I've no idea what it's called though. Like I said, not very familiar with his music. He played with the band for a few songs then he did his solo acoustic thing which I enjoyed the most. He did two songs for an encore. The first one was I think his most popular song since everyone, except me, was singing along to it. I tried to record the whole thing but a new friend of mine that I just met there loved the song so took my video camera down to ground level (I was sitting up top).

Here are highlights of the night:

Disclaimer: It was dark, that's why the video is so grainy. Sorry =T I took a lot more video than that. These are just excerpts/highlights.

All and all it was a pretty good show. I'm glad I went. Thanks Troubadour! I knew there was a reason you're my favorite.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flightless Night

I just got back from seeing Iron & Wine play at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. They sold out tonight and tomorrow night. He hasn't been in the southland since May 9, 2009 where he played the Troubadour. In that concert (which I also went to) he was alone and did an all acoustic set. It was amazing. His voice is pure and melancholy. This week though, he brought the band: Keyboardist, accompany guitar, two backup vocals, percussionist, drummer, bass sax, tenor sax/clarinet, and trumpet player. It was loud! I was prepared for a night of slow head nodding but this had my toes tapping.

If you're familiar with his music, he did some older tunes with quicker beats (Shepherd's Dog, Boy With A Coin) and a lot of the newer stuff from his latest album. Long guitar and brass interludes. It was fun. The crowd was rowdy in the best sense.

The band said good night and a lot of suckers left. Doesn't everyone know that the show isn't over until the house lights come on? Clapping, chanting and stomping ensue until Sam (the singer and lead guitar guy) come back onstage. A stage hand brings him is acoustic guitar. What will he play? Trapeze Swinger? Passing Afternoon? He didn't play Flightless Bird at the previous show so I wasn't hoping for that but just incase, I whip out both of my cameras (in case one of them fails, it's happened before).

What follows was an auditory miracle. A nearly a cappella Flightless Bird takes wing and submerges the audience in a hush filled worship of his voice. The video quality doesn't convey much but the audio is spot on. Enjoy!

Video also hosted here.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn title and random acts of Twidar

Time to jump on the bandwagon. Summit has released the title treatment for Breaking Dawn, part 1.
My first reaction was "ohhh pretty". I like the colors. It makes it seem like the sun is setting or rising. It's gold on the bottom and redish at the top. People were commenting that there are too many "lines". I suppose, it doesn't detract any for me. I keep looking at it and it seems.. big. Like Breaking Dawn is a long title compared to the others but there's no getting around that. Overall, I like it.

And of course Summit released it's first official picture from the movie.

It first showed up in issue #1138 of Entertainment Weekly magazine and then later posted online. I pretty much only look at Rob/Edward. This Adam's apple, his bicep, his feathery lashes, his bicep... Kristen/Bella has a weird face. Like a "pretend there aren't 50 people watching me naked" look. This is a fairly narrow shot. I can't help but wonder what the wide screen shot will reveal. Rob straddling Kristen? The sheet just starting to slid off his gorgeous ass. Acres and acres of exposed back. hmmmm

This was all after Bill Condon's Thanksgiving treat to all of us we he posted this little nugget.

Summit and Bill have been pretty good to us. Giving us these Easter eggs to tide us over until the movie is released. Though rarely does a day go by that I'm not thinking of Twilight, Rob and/or Edward. It's kinda sad but whatever. 

Sometimes random acts of Twilight just happen without you planning it. I was listening to the news the other day and besides of two school shooting, they did a report on health care. One prevision in the plan is that my 2013, everyone is mandated to buy health insurance. Two people are suing against this because they think it's unconstitutional and one of the people suing lives in Port Angeles, WA! What are the odds.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fandom Happenings

Hello friends. I want to start off by pointing out some really great things that are happening now in the fandom. I encourage everyone to get involved and to help each other.

Because of the recent flooding in Australia, multiple fandoms are coming together to pool their resources together to help people effected. Here's more information on the project from their website:

A group of caring and determined Aussie's are working hard to raise funds for the victims of the devastating floods that have ravaged Queensland in recent weeks. To help them in their efforts, donate at least $5 to the QLD Government Appeal, forward your receipt to, and you will receive a compliation of stories and oneshots from your favourite fic authors across the following fandoms: Twilight, Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse), The Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, and more - including original pieces.
You can also contribute to the cause by donating a story/one-shot to be added to the compilation.  The maximum word limit for submissions is 10,000 words and all submissions must be received by 11:59pm AEST/GMT+10 on Sunday February 20th, 2011.  To register as an author, head on over to the Author Registration page and submit your information in the registration form.  Once you register, an email will be sent out to you within 24 hours containing more details about your submission.
The story compilation will be ready for distribution on Tuesday March 1st, 2011.  Donation confirmation emails will still be accepted after this date in return for a copy of the compilation.
Any questions/queries about the appeal, author registration, or donations can be directed to our email address - - and one of our lovely organisers will respond as soon as they can.
I participated in the Twi Fan for Haiti donation effort lead by author MsKathy. It warms my heart to see a all of us come together for a truly needy cause.

Another good cause to get behind The Fandom Against Domestic Violence founded by author buhbeesgirl. Here's most of her welcoming post that talks about why she's started this and how you can contribute.

This all started from my little story, True Love Way. I wanted to do something to give back from my writing. My story involved domestic violence issues so I decided that for each review/author alert/story alert/story favorite I received that I would donate $.10 of my own personal money to NCADV. So far I have raised almost $200 just from that little venture. But I know we can do more! 
If you're an author that would like to contribute, fill out the Author Sign-up form above. Submissions are due by January 21, 2011. Stories do not necessarily have to revolve around domestic violence issues. They can be oneshots, outtakes, original stories or whatever you feel like contributing.
Donations will be done directly through the NCADV website (you can find a link under "How to Donate" above) from February 1-28, 2011. The minimum donation is $10 but you will receive a lovely compilation of stories from various authors who took the time out of their busy schedules to write something just for this fundraiser.
If there is any other way that you would like to creatively contribute please feel free to email
Also on the site are excerpt from real women that have first hand experience of this issue and share their stories with everyone. Here's an example:

Domestic violence is one of those things that some people look at and say "I would never let myself get involved in a situation like that." Especially if you have seen another loved one involved in an abusive relationship. These types of situations can catch you by surprise. You think you have found the perfect mate. Miracle1901's personal story is a perfect example of that. It is also a perfect example of how, no matter how bad it gets, you can always find a way out.
"I watched my mother get beaten within an inch of her life by my step father. The same man who told me he would kill her if i told anyone what he was doing to me...i was seven years old. I believed him for 3 years he did things to me that i wont go into detail about. I finally told her what was happening. She left him and after a week of hiding in a hotel from him he was caught and sent to jail. He killed himself before he had to go to trial.
I told myself I would never let a man hit me. I would would be able to see it coming because I knew what to look for. I always told myself that as I much as I love my mother I would never put myself in a situation like that." 
Read more of Miracle1901's story on the Personal Stories page.
It are projects like these that make me so glad to be apart of this fandom. Everyone supports one another and it just amazing what we as a community can accomplish.