Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse... let's see that again!

4 days of camping out in Tent City, catching a 7 am flight the morning after the red carpet premiere, going to an all night birthday party, driving to Forks, coming back to work then immediately to the theater to see the Eclipse midnight showing left me exhausted but it's amazing what the combination of sugar, caffeine and adrenaline can do for your system.

The movie went above and beyond everything I had hoped it to be. Sure, it cut out a few things, mashed up some details to make the story travel faster, but DAMN Rob is so freakin' hot. Bella who? Taylor huh? Seriously, he is un-freakin-real. He keeps looking better and better. Sooo many money shots. Once I get the book leg DVD I'm screen caping the shit out of it and my desktop backgrounds are going to change every 5 minutes.

And Jackson! Gah!

I've only seen it once so far so I can't go into the details of my favorite parts or the parts that I wished they didn't change/leave out. But I'm happy to say that it got all the important ones. The tent scene read like it was verbatim from the book. Brilliant! I have to give it up for Taylor. He's acting his broken little heart in this movie. Bella's wig wasn't a complete disaster, it was mostly forgettable except in a few scenes where it looked like her hair lines was made out of hair plugs.

So, I saw New Moon in theaters seven times... I think I'll see Eclipse more even though NM was my favorite =D

Also in theaters is Jackson Rathbone's new movie The Last Airbender. If you've never seen the cartoon show, watch it! It's really really good. Not just for kids. I'm really excited to see this. I think I'll catch a double feature tomorrow Eclipse/Airbender.

I just started listening to the Eclipse soundtrack today and I really enjoy it. I have the deluxe version but there remixes aren't worth it and the bonus tracks aren't spectacular either so if you just have the "regular" version, you're not missing out on much. My favorite tracks is a toss up between Florence + The Machine's Heavy In Your Arms and Sia's My Love. I'm a huge Florence fan. Her album, Lungs, is suberb. I love the track Howl and of course Cosmic Love.

I'm also listening to Howard Shore's score for Eclipse. It's very... Shore-like: brass and string heavy - grandiose. The New Born theme sounds a lot like Shelob's (Lord of the Rings reference). The eerie violins scraping against the strings in disharmony is pretty creepy for a bloodthirsty vampire or a giant spider. I can also definitely hear Howard's influence in Metric's contribution to the soundtrack.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Premiere camp - Day 4

The Big One!! (that's what she said)

Risin' an shinin' at 8 am. I wake up to my friend saying "Kai came last night?" Apparently around 1:30 in the morning, Kiowa Gordon (Embry) came by Tent City with his band Touche. He and his band were doing a gig down in Spaceland but we missed it because we were too busy sleeping. Oh well.

The day before we were watching them set up the black carpet and barricades and noticed a big problem. The wooden boards that have the Eclipse logos on them were about 18 inches away from the metal barricades holding back the fans. I don't know about you but the average fan doesn't have an arm length that long. How are we going to get autographs and pictures?? It's not cool. Summit and their planning crew just keep failing the fans at every turn.

We check out of the hotel at noon and make a quick run to Target for batteries and silver sharpies. I bought 4 but only came back with one. I was lending them out to people around me whose pens were running out or dry and never got them back. =T

Around 2 pm, they're starting to line us up in sequential order according to the number on our wristbands. You really didn't have to camp out once you got your wristband, you just had to be in line on time. While waiting in line we met Ian, he's a writer but is moving to Forks and setting up a Twi-shop because it is uncanny how much he looks like Rob (see picture).

We're waiting within the barricade for about 2.. 2 1/2 hours before the first celebrities start to show. There are three areas of the red carpet. It starts off with the pappz on one side and fans on the other side. Then it loops around to the TV channels (MTV, E!) and Ryan Seacreast. Then it turns and there's more media (radio, internet, and television) on one side and fans on the other side. After they pass the media it's a short trip inside the theater.

I was in the middle of the fan area across from the media section. Not a great spot. They spend most of their time on the other side taking pictures and signing stuff for fans there and on our side, they're busy doing interviews. I have lots of pictures of their backs and hair. Some took the time to sign stuff and take pics which was really nice and appreciated. I got everyone's signature that I wanted to get except for Robs. He practically ran past us because he was taking too long and his entourage were hurrying him inside. Boo!

After everyone went inside, they were handing out tickets to the fans to get into the  theater to watch the movie. I didn't want to go and neither did my friends. Yea, sounds awesome but I was exhausted, the seats were probably in the nosebleed section and I had to catch a 7 am fight the next morning and it was already 8 pm-ish, so that wasn't happening. I have midnight showing tickets to a theater that has reserved seating so my seats are great and I can relax and enjoy the show there... fully rested and not starving. Did I mention that we didn't eat this entire day?

I did my best. I got a few good photos. I haven't looked at my videos yet but once I do I'll post them to my YouTube channel. Subscribe and be the first ones to know when I've uploaded them. =D

Premiere camp - Day 2 & 3

Day 2: The Longest Day Ever

Nothing exciting today. Just a lot of waiting and getting sunburned. Media has been crawling all over "Tent City" looking for rabid fans that want to be on camera or interviewed. Every TV station in the area has a truck out here. I could care less about being on television, I"m trying to conserve my energy. Being on camera you need to be hyped up and it's exhausting after a while.

I didn't sleep in Tent City this first night. I went home, took a shower, and came back in the late morning. Truth to tell, nobody had to camp out in Tent City. They never checked wristbands. I think they just wanted something to show the media how fanatic Twilight fans could be. It's a great story, hence all the media attention.

We were told that by 6am on Day 3, we would have to leave the Nokia Plaza and set up camp somewhere else because they needed the area to set up the carpet. So a few of us decided to stick around and camp in Tent City so that we could move our stuff. At 10 pm, the showed New Moon on the giant television for the people staying and camping out. It was great; lots of shouting and woo-hoo-ing. I was getting pretty tired at this point so I only opened my eyes for the Edward parts. The movie ended at midnight.

Day 3: Tired and Oh! Famous People!

The Nokia Plaza doesn't turn of their lights until 2am and we had to wake up at 5am to pack up our stuff to be ready to move to campsite #2. The move was fairly orderly. They moved us to more barricades on the street between Staples Center and the Theater. We set up our chairs but didn't pop up the tent, just not worth it.

The sun was out with a vengeance so we ended up spending most of the day outside tent city. We walked around downtown, got some breakfast, etc. Sometime in the late morning, early afternoon, Booboo Stewart and Tinsel Korey (who play Seth and Emily respectively) stopped by Tent-apolooza. As always, they were so gracious with their to their fans. I think they got to everybody signing autographs and taking pictures.

At three we checked into our hotel that was across the street. We all needed showers and a real bed for the last night to get ready for The Big Day tomorrow. While we were in the hotel, we were all periodicly checking Twitter because we heard word that more stars would come down to Tent City. Almost two hours later we get word that Peter Facinelli is at the Alex's Lemonade Stand.

We, excitedly, walk across the street and back to our camping area. All the fans are lined up against the metal barricades waiting patiently for him to arrive. We don't wait for too long before Peter, Billy Burke, Jackson Rathbone and Julie Jones (Carlisle, Charlie Swan, Jasper and Leah Clearwater) come out of the side of the Nokia Theater. They hand out Burger King food, sign autographs, take pictures, and do some interviews with the media that's there. They were there for a good hour, hour and a half. The boys were very playful. Jackson picked up a small kid and spun him around. As he was leaving I got a fist bump *pow* =D Once I find some time, I'll upload the video that I took of their visit onto my YouTube channel.

After the wonderful visit we head back to the hotel to download the pictures and videos we've taken. We're getting pretty hungry. We've only had breakfast so we're thinking of taking the car out and getting some yummy Indian food but then we check Twitter and we see that Charlie Bewely (Demitry) is on his way to Tent City. Could this day get any better? We're not in the room for long before we get a tip Charlie's there. We rush down and on our way to the main camp we see him by a van taking a picture, we rush over to the side camp and get autographs, photos and video of him. He then walks over to the main camp but he only has a few minutes there before he has to go somewhere else. I don't think he makes it all the way down. Eventually he runs down the line giving hi-fives but someone grabs onto his sleeve and rips his shirt. He gets kind of mad (so would I!). All it takes is one person to ruin it for the others.

Charlie leaves and the place is humming with excitement. "Is someone else going to come?" We're not sure so we walk a block to El Cholo and get some takeout mexican food. One of the servers is young, tall, handsome and single. We linger a bit but eventually walk back to the camp site to eat. We leave around 10:30 pm and walk back to the hotel to sleep. It's been a long day and it'll be longer tomorrow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Premiere camp - Day 1

AKA: Fail Day

This day is 90 part ridiculous/crazy, 10 parts sunny/sunburned with a dash of boredom (maybe more). Word on the street is that the first person "in line" was at around 12:30 am and decided to pretty much create the line and people just stood behind them. So when I arrive around 4:30am (remember, Summit was saying that they weren't giving out wrist bands until 6am and telling people to park in the adjacent parking structure which doesn't open until 5:30am) there were already 300 people in front of me (more or less).

Alright, not the greatest of spots, do-able. At least I went to the New Moon premiere where I collected a bunch of priceless memories and autographs.

Then Summit shows up and I think it's the fault of one girl in the middle of the "line" who runs and rushes to the front that start off a panic among the sleep deprived, cold Twihards. This one person sets off a mob. Immediately everyone is running to the front for no other reason than the people around them are running. I'm thinking to myself "Is PFach here already?" (He stopped by the line last year on her motorcycle and did a drive by). Now we have a mob scene. Summit is saying 'move back to your original location' but people aren't going to move when they see people that were in back of them are not in front of them and aren't budging.

There's a kind of stand still, a "what the hell are we going to do" moment, and eventually we spread out a bit and they start letting us into the Nokia Theater Plaza area where they take our name and telephone number as they but a wrist band on us. This takes hours. Then, they change the rules arbitrarily.

Last year, you were camping out for a wristband, this year they give them to you first thing. In their notice, Summit had said that once you received your wristbands, you could leave. We're assuming that they didn't want a bunch of people camping out in the middle of down town in the mists of the LA Film Festival. But that morning as we're lining up to receive our wristbands, they tell us that no, you need be to here, camped out, until Thursday or else you forfeit your place in line. This, understandable, upsets a lot of stay at home moms, people who have a family to take care of, a job, etc. They were saying, "If you're going to change the rules, why do it the morning of and not before? Why are you [Summit] wasting our time?" This caused some people to leave. There were those that came completely unprepared to camp out, others that supplies to the nines. We're talking the Ritz Carlton of tents, pavilions, mosquito netting, inflatable mattresses, chairs, umbrellas etc.

By nine/ten-ish, it seemed that everything was situated. Most were camping out in the middle of the Plaza and I don't know where the others went.

Now if that wasn't enough drama for the day, this morning the LA Laker champion parade took place and started right in front of the Nokia Theater and traveled down the street. Barricades were set up for blocks and streets were closed off. Tens of thousands of Laker fans showed up as early as we did, to watch the parade go by. These were hard core fans all decked out in purple and gold. We were by the front of the parade to around that area, the fans in front of the barricade were around 20-25 persons deep. And that went on for several LA blocks. The noise from the crows, horns, and multiple helicopters was annoying to say the least. I thought the parade was a let down. It was a few fire engines and some double decker busses with the team on the top driving by at about 5 miles an hour. That passes our area in a bout 20 seconds and was done. It was Lame. It took around 3 hours for most of the fans to disperse and leave. People from horizon to horizon, a sea of gold and purple.

The unforgiving summer LA sun was not nice to my beautiful skin, I'm now sporting angry red spots on my arms and chest. I just hope I don't peel.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting ready for the Eclipse premiere

UPDATE: Summit has made in information page regarding the Eclipse Premiere here.

I'm five part excited and five parts filled with trepidation. Summit has giving us some more details and some ground rules to follow while camping out for the Eclipse premiere on Thursday.

One of the things they mentioned is the size of the tent you're allowed to bring: 4'x4' (16 sq. ft) pop tent. I have combed the various outdoor sports shops and other stores looking for something like that and besides a "Princess Camping Pack" that's meant for 7-year-olds, this does not exist. Four feet by four feet?! I haven't been four feet tall since the third grade! (I'm pretty tall).

I don't what we're going to do about sleeping. We'll mostly be in a giant square, in stead of a long slinky line, for the first two. I'll bring an inflatable mattress and a sheet. Maybe with my chair I can build a fort.

The best parking lot that I found is on the corner of S Flower St/W 8th St (entrance on Flower). It charges $7 for all day parking. It is across the street from the 7th St Metro Center and from Macy's Plaza. The bottom floor of Macy's Plaza has a Bally's Total Fitness Gym, I just signed up for my 7 day guest pass (hello showers!). The Plaza also features a handy food court with all imaginable food types.

The closest grocery story is a Ralphs on W 9th St between Hope and S Flower St. They do have a bathroom. From the entrance go to the back and far left of the store. It's in the corner by the Pharmacy.

Next to Ralphs is a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf but if that coffee (and free wi-fi) is too far for you, there is a Starbucks in the Nokia Theater plaza. Just head towards the theater.

The weather has been steady the last couple of days. It looks like it's going to be beautiful and not very cold at night. Highs are the mid 70s and lows in the low 60s. It's shorts and light jacket weather.

That's if for now. Just so you know, it sounds like they'll start handing out wristbands on a first come, first serve basis starting at 6am on Monday, June 21 (tomorrow!). I'll see you there!

I almost forgot! The LA Lakers victory parade is starting at 11am tomorrow (6/21) at Staples Center which is right across the street from the Nokia Theater Plaza. Get ready to witness even crazier people that Twi-hards! =D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eclipse TwiCon Day 2

The schedule for today is as follows:

10:15 am The Cullen Family Panel with Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli.
Jackson and Peter stole theshow here. Ashley didn't really talk unless she was asked a direct question but her hair looked amazing. It was so long. Her and Nikki could have passed for sisters.
Videos here

11:00 am The Bad Vampires Panel: Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel
Xavier has the sexiest Australian accent. It also doesn't hurt that he's extremely good looking. Bryce is a true Twifan and was so sweet and gracious and really nice. Her hair is a beautiful red too.
Videos here

11:45 am Gil Birmingham, Christian Serratos, and Daniel Cudmore
Dan is the man. He's so lovable and handsome and talkative and funny. Gil was eh. Christian also had really long and big poofy hair and she's super small and skinny and didn't really contribute much to the conversation. It was a awkward panel.
Videos here

4:00 pm Booboo Stewart and Tyson Houseman
Tyson looks a lot better in person than he does in the production pictures of him. His body looks like he's packing some heat under his shirt and he's kinda nerdy-cute with his glasses. Booboo is adorable as always. I was actually sitting near him in the hotel lobby earlier in the morning but I didn't want to stare or take pictures because I didn't want to be "that" fan.

6:00 pm The Wolf Pack Panel with Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer and Julia Jones
This was Julia's first PR appearance and I think she was nervous, I think that's why Cheske and Alex couldn't stop touching her. They were always patting her back or giving her a wolf version of a high five. Alex is great, he did some wild flips for us. Cheske loves tossing his hair and running his fingers through it. It's really shiny. =)
Videos here

7:00 pm Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson
Oh Mah Gawd the screaming. You could tell that all three were pretty loopy because they've probably had no sleep in a while. Kristen and Rob kept whispering in each other's ears, Kristen's tics were more pronounced, Tayler was goofy and giggly as always. It was kind of annoying when people would keep randomly shout "I love you!" "Take off your shirt!" "You're so hawt!" Every pause was filled with these and then people would shush them and then more would shout in the silence. It was really hard to hear them but they had some really good moments and some memorable quotes.
Videos here

Friday, June 11, 2010

Eclipse TwiCon Day 1

Main ballroom, click to enlarge (there is actually more seating behind me from this angle)

Getting here
From the 405, exit Santa Monica Blvd (the "2") and head East (towards the sky scrapers)
Turn RIGHT onto Ave of the Stars
Turn RIGHT onto Constellation
Turn LEFT onto MGM Dr and head STRAIGHT into the self-parking structure. Valet is on Ave of the Stars at the front of the hotel.

Alternate route (might save you some time):
From Santa Monica Blvd, turn RIGHT onto Century Park W (Westfield on the corner)
LEFT on Constellation Blvd
RIGHT onto MGM Dr and STRAIGHT into the self-parking structure.

Take the elevator up to level 9
Take the bridge and follow the signs to Hotel Regestration
Once inside, take the escalators DOWN one level to get your credentials (Will Call).
Go DOWN another level to the main area.

Make sure to take a schedule of events and a booklet. The booklet has a mini map in the back that shows you where everything is. IMPORTANT: For "parking validation", go back to the Will Call booth and pick up a $12 coupon. Without this, you will be charged $24 for parking.

Main Stage
I have transcripts (more or less) of Tinsel's and Michael/Justin's time on stage but I'm only posting up my favorite quotes.

2:00 pm Tinsel Korey
She is such a sweetheart and so funny, especially when she's impersonating Kiowa. Here are some of my favorite questions and answers.
What has been your most memorable, positive, fan experience?
There was this little girl that I met in Burmingham in the UK and she has Cystic Fibrosis and she's the most positive, uplifing person I think... probably being part of this movie or one of the best experences is probably meeting her because she's got so much strength and it's really inspiring.
Can you please describe each member of the wolf pack.  
Let's go with Alex. Alex is just one of those people that can make you feel completely mental. Like, you just want to strangle him most of the time. And then when you see him, he's got that loving smile and pokes at you and you're like “ugh, I can't be mad at you”. It's got that love / hate thing. Yes, he's hot. He knows he's hot. He's always posing everywhere, doing flips and stuff.
Bronson, he just has a lot of energy. He's like the person “Let's do this! Let's do this!” And you saw it in the clip with Taylor explaining how Broson is just full of energy.
Kiowa, is just... Kiowa *flips her hair to the side covering half her face* I saw him on the MTV red carpt he's like: “Yea, I went to Nordstroms and picked this out and uh... yea, it was awesome.”
Tyson... Tyson's body got like... when he walked out I was like “What the hell happened to you?” Like he's *makes hand motions depicting a six pack* He... that boy put some effort into it because he was really skinny when he first started in New Moon and then he just started growing like crazy. Tyson's body is going. He's just really really... he's just a smart brainac type of guy.
Cheske... my nick name for him is sunshine because he's just like a big ray of sunshine. I dunno... he's great. He's one of those people who's always positive no matter what. So, “Do you wanna do this?” “Yeah! Totally! Great!”
Taylor... he's different around me than he is around the boys because they do their football thing in a small tent when it's raining outside. He's just got a lot of energy. The boy is talented, I'll give you that much.
And Booboo, for all you younger girls under 16, yea... I think he's cute. I'm glad they cast Booboo. He's just an awesome addition to the wolf pack.
Julia is awesome. People try to peg us against each other and start this war but it's just not happening because I'm glad that she's on this journey with me. She's awesome and she's super super hot.

Did you learn anything about yourself playing Emily or in any other role that you played? 

I've developed so much as a female from playing Emily. I feel like it was my role for me personally with my own growth, Emily has a lot of strenght even though she's scared, she doesn't let that effect her... she's still beautiful. To me, the great thing about Emily is her beauty comes from inside. That's what makes her radiate. It teaches you to focus on that inner stuff rather than constantly focusing on the “I've got a blemish” stuff. I found a lot of strenght playing her.
3:10 pm Kiowa Gordon
Sporting a shaggy Beiber haircut and green pants, Kiowa answered questions in his easy going manner and eventually started walking around the room.
3:45 pm Michael Welch and Justin Chon
These boys are so funny together. They bounce off each other adding more anecdotes to a story. Justin told his story of his most embarrassing moment and when he almost died while surfing and Michael did his Twilight movie Forks diner dance and did a Catherine Hardwicke impression. But here are some of my favorite questions and answers from Justin and Michael.
Justin: What has been the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you? 
Um.. I think I told this story.. actually really recently because it's the only thing that I could really think of that was just really embarassing... well ok I'll tell you two things. One time, I got in big trouble from my dad for being really stupid in High School and he.. I don't know what kind of punishment this was, but he made me cut my own hair. And he made me cut my front hair really short and he kept going, “Shorter! Shorter!” By the time it was done I looked in the mirror and for some reason it got cut like this *motions an upside down U running from one ear, to his forhead, and down to the other ear*. I showed up to school and everybody was laughing at me.

The other embarassing moment was in fifth grade. We were in PE and we were all shooting free throws and, you know, I was a shrimp, I was so small. I was maybe 3'8” or something... and it takes me every ounce of energy from me to get the ball to the net, and it's not even gracefull.. it's like UNGH! And I remember lined up on the half court behind me and I'm about to shoot, I'm trying to prepare... I throw the ball so hard with all my might... I farted really loudly. It was like that moment where I was standing there for a second and I was like, “Do I turn around? Did they hear it?” And I did this like really sheeping look and I was like *turns his back to the audience and slowly looks behind his shoulder* And everybody is just laughing at me. It was pretty embarassing.

How 'bout you Mike? What was your most embarassing story?
That was a question for you...
That was pretty bad... at least I didn't crap in my pants. That would've been bad. I would probably walk... waddle away.
Well, you took mine.
Oh! *laughs* Michael shit in his pants.'s a problem.... I think that's why I didn't get Edward [the role]. I was going to get it... but then they're: “Dude, your pants are full of poop. You can't be Edward. It's rediculous.”
… *makes a sound effect* Sorry Bella... I sharted. I don't think I should see you anymore.

What question are you most tired of answering? 
See, that's a double edge sword question because if you say it then they're going to ask us.
Well for me it's pretty simple: “Rob and Kristen? Mmm... they doin' it?"
"Come on... you can tell me. Just between you and me."
"Is Taylor in there? Does Taylor join in?"
"No... I'm just with.. ah.. Star Magazine, you can tell me."
I just turned my recorder off. It's off, you can tell me don't worry.
That's my answer
Does Taylor watch?
*Mike immitates Taylor watching*
That's my impression of Taylor watching
I might make Michael and Justin's Q&A audio available because they are just so funny.

4:40 pm Booboo Stewart
He's grown! He's cute! I remember seeing him at the New Moon premiere and he was a wee tiny baby but now he's a tall adolescent. He also, couldn't be nicer and giggly. 

Spoiler Alert!
Extended Bella/Edward kissing scene when he's dropping her off at Jacob's here.
Eclipse behind the scenes b-roll here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What The Forks?!

You can listen, for free, to the Eclipse Soundtrack here as is streams until Noon June 3rd (Eastern Standard Time). I'm actually going to hold off on listening to it until I've seen the movie. I overplayed the New Moon soundtrack so when the music showed up in the movie, I was singing along instead of paying attention. Though that's not stopping me from pirating the audio. Arrg.

The track listings for the Eclipse Score, by Howard Shore, can be found here.

The Eclipse press junket will be June 12th, and June 13th. So look for lots of pictures, interviews, and videos.

It coincides with the Eclipse Los Angeles Convention (which I will be attending and hopefully posting about it daily) so my coverage will probably be done after the whole weekend is finished as a wrap up. If you can't wait, check out the links on the right side bar (---->). I recommend Everglow for all around general coverage. Rob is scheduled to be at the convention early Saturday evening (June 12th). This just happens to be the day that the UK play the US in the 2010 FIFA Wold Cup. If someone doesn't ask him about it, I will!

Someone is now the new owner of a life size silicone bust of Robert Pattinson which sold on eBay for ~$1,400. It is incredibly creepy looking. Check out this article for more info (but if creepy to the xtreme isn't your thing, skip it!)

Fan art by oxydgenesis