Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Magazine Month

There is so much Rob porn out there. October is the month that magazine publishers have realized that Twilight fanaddicts will buy anything in the next 48 until the movie comes out.

Important Note: I'm not posting all the scans and articles. For those you can check out the Important Places (on the far right side --->), they will have everything you're looking for.

AnOther Man Magazine (UK)

He makes me forget my name. I have the second one as my wallpaper
and we can't stop staring at each other.

I have a cousin that lives in London with her new husband. I'm trying to
contact her so she could buy and send me this magazine.

Looks like they'll be selling this in the US. I saw the Fall Fashion issue today (10/9) at Borders.
Update: This issue is scheduled to be on the stands Oct. 16th.

Empire Magazine (UK)

This is the November issue. I've read that some people already have it and they do sell this magazine at Barnes & Noble, but as of today, they still have the October issue on the magazine stands with Avatar on the cover.

This issue not only comes with an excellent article but two giant posters as well. Magazine WIN!

Joy Magazine (Mexico)

Read the translated article here and see the rest of the scanned pages.
I have family in Mexico... I wonder if they'll do me a "favor". >:-)

GQ Style (not to be confused with their regular GQ issue)

The article is a new look at Rob as an actor. Very GQ-esk. (The one with him on the cover is from Spain)


For the KStew lovers out there. She's looking fierce!
Pictures and interview will be in the 40th Anniversary Issue of Interview. You can read it here.
Right now the current September issue is on the racks featuring Natalie Portman (snore). I just picked up my copy at Borders! (10/9)


This comes out October 29th and will have a feature on The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

One Magazine (France)

Anyone know French and want to translate this for me? :-D
More delicious scans here.

GQ Australia
Celebrating their 10th Anniversary they put our Rob on the cover and a new interview inside. More here.

Allure Magazine
Back in June Kristen was at the Santa Monica Pier doing this photo shoot. This November issue hits stands October 20.

Seventeen Magazine
Kristen is the covergirl of the November issue. There is a new interview with our top three actors and some pics too. The one with Rob on the cover is from Mexico.

SciFi Magazine
There's a pretty good article in there despite the kinda bad cover (there are a lot of better pictures of him they could have photoshopped!) I just bought this today (10/9) 'cus Rob sells me magazines.

Tu Magazine
Looks like the tiny pics that were leaked of Rob's mysterious photo shoot back in August are resurfacing. They used one of them on this cover. fnar!

People Special Edition
They have a shot from Eclipse, a few new New Moon pictures, and info that we know already.

Virgin Blue
October issue. He wants me... bad!

GQ (November issue)
He's legal in Georgia...

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