Sunday, November 1, 2009

Camping out for wristbands

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So to start off with, let me first explain the title of this post.

The New Moon Cast Tour, sponsored by Hot Topic, begins here in LA on November 6th at the Hollywood and Highland store. But, in order to attend that event, you must have a wristband to gain entry. Wristbands were given out with the purchase of a New Moon Tour t-shirt at 8am on October 30th. Now, the store only has a limited supply of wristbands and are only available on a first come, first serve basis.

It was like this but our line had purple ones

So that's what found me Friday night. A few friends had gotten to the waiting line before me and saved me a spot in line. They arrived around 5:30pm. I arrived at 8pm. Traffic going into LA is always bad. I asked a few of the girls at the front of the lines what time they had arrived (we were in the first 50 people) and they said that they had been waiting since Thursday night!

So, there are actually two separate lines because they split up the cast members into two groups. In line 1 was the line to see: Ashley Greene, Jamie Campbell Bower, Alex Meraz, and Elizabeth Reaser. We were in line 2 to see: Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Kiowa Gordon, and Chaske (Chess-kay) Spencer.

With live performances by: Band of Skulls, Sea Wolf, Anya Marina, and Death Cab For Cutie.

So the evening started to get cold so I went to my car to grab a blanket that I brought. On my way back to the line, a group of around 50 people dressed as zombies, turns on Michael Jackson's Thriller and dances the entire thing! They even had a zombie MJ with red jacket and everything. At the end of the impromptu performance, they zombie walk back to the street. Where else in the world to people randomly break out into a choreographed dance?

Then around 10pm, I forget my phone in the bathroom. I rush back but it's gone. I call up my phone company to block it from further use. Not really a bit deal because it was a free phone that went with my contract. It just sucks loosing all my contacts and having a way to check the time while in line.

My friends and I chit-chat Twilight and we watch the movie on her iPod which wasn't very helpful at keeping me awake because for some reason, Twilight (the movie) is my own personal brand of Ambian or Lunesta. I swear. It's the best cure for insomnia. I can't watch the whole thing through without feeling sleepy or falling asleep.

Around midnight, 1am, the guys from Hot Topic (which stayed with us the entire night) started handing out free Domino's Pizza to everyone. Seriously, how cool is that! They were handing out bottles of water and candy too. Got to keep that blood sugar level up if you want to stay awake the entire night or keep warm.

Around 3am-ish we try to take a nap. But people who are dressed up for a Halloween party keep walking by jeering us, saying things like "Edward dies! Cry now!" Lots of people in cars drive by screaming out what we're waiting for. We tell them the truth but as the night progresses we shout back "Free STD testing" or "H1N1 flu shots" or "American Idol auditions".

We see a couple of people get frisked, Beatlejuice waits for a bus, 70+ people on bicycles stop traffic for 10 minutes by blocking the Hollywood/Highland intersection before the cops are there to break them up.

My friends are able to sleep but I can't sleep on concrete with cars driving by, whores talking near-by, and the cold freezing my nose off.

6am the guys at Hot Topic hand out colored index cards. Yellow for line 1, blue for line 2. You can't get into the store without an index card and the color lets the cashier know which wristband to give to us. There are 400 wristbands alloted per line.

7am the sun starts to rise. I walk down the line from our position to see just how far back it goes.

YouTube is fail. You can't hear MUSE's Hysteria that should be playing in the background. Whatever.

8am the line starts moving. Since we're really close to the front we get our wristbands by 8:30am and I leave to go to work right after. I clock in at work at 9am but I'm pretty much a disaster. I finish my stuff and leave after 5 hours and pass out at home.

So, that's what it was like just getting our wristbands. More crazy this Friday when we get to meet the cast and see the bands.



  1. Hi, I just want to ask what kind of wristband they gave to you? is it a customized wristband with New Moon design? because I'm a twilight fanatic. Thanks

  2. It was a generic wristband with a sticky at the end to hold it to your wrist. See pic in post of the one they gave us after the signing. It looked like this only there were a different color (depending on which group you went to go see)