Monday, November 16, 2009

LA New Moon Premier

or as I like to call it... The Best Day EVER!!

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- Robert Pattinson
- Kristen Stewart
- Taylor Lautner
- Ashley Green with Kellan Lutz
- The Wolf Pack (Chaske Spencer "Sam", Alex Meraz "Paul", Bronson Pelletier "Jared", and Kiowa Gordon "Embry")
- The Cullens (Elizabeth Reaser "Esme", Peter Facinelli "Carlisle", Nikki Reed "Rosalie", and Jackson Rathbone "Jasper")
- The Volturi (Michael Sheen "Aro", Jamie Campbell Bower "Caius", Christopher Heyerdahl "Marcus", Dakota Fanning "Jane", Daniel Cudmore "Felix", Charlie Bewley "Demetri", and Noot Seear "Heidi")
- The Humans (Billy Burke "Charlie", Anna Kendrick "Jessica", Michael Welch "Mike", Justin Chon "Eric", Gil Birmingham "Billy", and Tinsel Korey "Emily")
- The makers of New Moon (Stephenie Meyer "Author", Chris Weitz "Director", and Melissa Rosenberg "Screen writer")
- Other vampires (Edi Gathegi "Laurent" and Kirsten Prout "Lucy")
- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the Planet 51 premier
- Kiowa and Cameron saying hello to fans in line
- Booboo Stewart at the Planet 51 premier
- Peter Facinelli driving by but blocked by the Team Pellan sign

Watch them all:

Note: I'm seeing multiples of some pics. I can't filter them all out but good luck. I'm naming each one according to their content. Hope this helps.

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Two of my TwiFamily's posters made the top 10 best fan posters according to Tonic. We're number 10 and 9. Check out our skillz here.

TwiSis Pauline in the LA Times here (pictured).

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