Sunday, May 29, 2011

Twilight Round Up

As usual, I'm going to add my two cents on recent Twilight stuff that's out there. First, my love of Twilight has been all about reading Twilight fan fiction. That's why it tickled me pink when Twilight actor Michael Sheen [Aro] went on VH1's Morning Buzz show and did a dramatic reading of one of my favorite author's story, Unexpected Circumstances. Here's what I'm talking about:

I must have watched this three times before recording the audio in case the video is ever removed. You can access/download an mp3 of this here on Soundcloud.

Michael Sheen Reads Unexpected Circumstances by SharonMacross

The Twilight Illustrated Official Guide came out a few weeks ago. I went to my local Borders with coupon in hand and bought it. I'm on page 6. So far, not much new stuff. My goal is to finish it by the end of the year but we'll see. Maybe I'll finish it while waiting on the Breaking Dawn red carpet premiere? It's been so long since I read the original books that I've forgotten when Steph wrote and left out and what new information the Guide could offer. Anyway, yet another book on my "To Be Read" list. You can see my incomplete list on my Good Reads account.

Also in book form. The long awaited (was anyone really waiting with anticipation for this?) is the second volume of the Twilight Graphic Novel. I wasn't going to buy this based upon the underwhelming volume two but the cover is so gorgeous. Is is the coloring? The soft pencil edges? The subject matter? I don't know but this Manga Edward is hot. It hits shelves October 11, 2011 and with coupon in hand, I'll probably buy it.

In more recent news, Melissa Rosenberg is going to be the speaker at USC for YouTube's Distinguished Series on Tuesday, May 31st. I'm thinking of attending and if I do, I'll blog about. If you want to attend (free to all), check out the Lexicon's post about it.

Also up next is the MTV Movie Awards and yes, Eclipse is up for a bunch of awards. Vote vote vote and show the world how strong our fandom can be! *evil laugh* The awards are happening Sunday, June 5 9/8c

What else is tickling me? The Twilight mentions of Twilight in upcoming movies. Evidence: the trailers for Crazy, Stupid Love and Bad Teacher [screen caps below]