Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's going on next month?!

Ok so, here's what's been going on since the last time we "saw" each other. (Note: I'm random and all over the place with this post.)

The Vancouver Twilight convention took place May 14-16th. Twilight Lexicon did an interview with Catherine Hardwick, on the floor (her choice). I really couldn't care less about Catherine Hardwick. She bugs and she keeps adding her two cents to every Twilight related story whether we ask for her opinion or not.

Collectors edition of Eclipse and the trade paperback came out. Do you own the Collectors editions? I don't and I don't think I ever will. It's seems kind of silly. Is it really worth it? I was thinking of getting all the books in paperbacks, since I don't want to ruin my hardbacks, but I just got my eReader (insert huge smile here) so I'm re-thinking that bit.

Rob went on Ellen. He was adorable and sexy as all hell.

He's in Southern California now (I'm breathing the same air as him ^_^) shooting Water for Elephant. He even looks good covered in dirt and wearing his sexspenders.

There are lots of TV spots for Eclipse now-a-days. I really don't watch TV but I see them (and download them) on-line. I'm really excited now. It's getting so close!

You can listen to some of the tracks off of the Eclipse soundtrack in various places if you know where to look. Jonathan Low by Vampire Weekend, Atlas by Farnfarlo, and an article about how the bands were chosen.

MUSE's single is available to download on iTunes but I just go to YouTube and listen to it there. I've been hearing it on the radio lately and I like it more and more the more often I hear it.

A bunch of Eclipse promotional posters have also come out to grace a bus stop near you. They're ok. Jane looks like Chloe Sevigny from Big Love (pictured). Robward looks amazing in blue. He should always wear blue or go naked (guess which one I prefer?)

If you didn't know, there will be an Eclipse Twilight Convention in Los Angeles June 11-13th. I swore to myself after going to the New Moon convention back in March, I wouldn't do another again. It was ok the first time but not something I'd do twice... that is until Rob entered the picture. I've flipped-flopped on whether or not I should go and I figured, this is a once in a life time opportunity, it's just money and I can't take it with me, and I'm young so I might as well enjoy myself.... at least that's what I was chanting as I was purchasing my weekend pass for the convention. Yet more time off from work that I'll need to take off. It's worth it though. I'm going to try and get some hidden camera footage (they don't like you taking video). *rubs hands in anticipation*

I just purchased my midnight showing tickets about an hour ago. Why so late? Well I was waiting for a particular theater to start selling their tickets. They have reserved seating so no waiting in line hours before, trying to get a good seat. It was well worth the anxiety (bit a finger nail off) and the price. About $13 per ticket. Not too shabby.

What makes me extra Twi-tarded is that I also bought tickets for a double feature of Twilight and New Moon right before the midnight showing. A chance for cafeteria Edward and shirtless Edward on the big screen? Sign me up! It start at 6:30pm. There are intermissions between each film but I'll be basically spending 8 hours inside the theater. If it gets too much I'm planning on sleeping through the James bit in Twilight and the Wolf Pack bit in New Moon. I'm Edward's girl, he had dibs on my attention.

Between the red carpet premiere and the movie release, I'm going to Seattle for a cousin's 15th birthday (yes, it's what you think; I was guilt tripped into going). But we'll be up there for four days and the party is only for one so I'm thinking that a side trip to Port Angeles and Forks is in order.  Time to make the pilgrimage to where it all began. I really want to do this, hopefully my family will understand when my sister and I bail on them to drive down there.

*smacks head* I almost forgot (because, really, is so forgettable). That Bree Tanner novella is coming out June 5th. You can read it for free on Stephenie's website or buy it anywhere books are sold. I'm going to read it first then buy somewhere... preferable with a coupon. It's one of those things that falls into the "gotta have" category.

I think that's about it. If I have an awesome encounter with Jackson Rathbone tomorrow when I go see 100 Monkeys I'll let you know, otherwise here's looking forward to a long Memorial Day weekend.

Note: The MTV Movie awards are on June 6th where an exclusive Eclipse clip will premiere. New Moon has 5 nominations. You can vote for NM here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Eclipse premiere camp out

Hurray! Summit has finally let fans know when they can start camping out:
Fans can start camping to see the event of the year - THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE red carpet premiere - is Monday, June 21 at 6am PT - Remember the premiere is at Nokia Theater!
Dude, I'm so there. A few days, that's nothing. Seriously, I was planning on starting to camp on the the 18th. :-D

I'm going to try to visit downtown before this date and do some reconnaissance. I need to find out where bathrooms, gyms (for showers), and food are near by. I was going to go today but I was tired and they were having some pre-WangoTango (SoCal radio Top 40 concert) event which means killer traffic.

5/16 UPDATE: From Summit
Allow me to clarify, and sorry if there was any miscommunication before – LA Live is not public property, and will not allow camping before that date/time. You also can not camp on the streets around LA Live. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you’re just as excited about the event as we are! Source
Is "loitering" still considered camping out? >=)

Gah! Hungry Edward is so hot. I keep watching the Eclipse Oprah episode. My face hurts from smiling. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Rob

Happy 24th Birthday mon amour.

Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin
I've been waiting for you
Signed, with a home tattoo,
Happy Birthday To You was created for you

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News News News

I want to shout this post I'm so excited. I would do a mega happy dance but I'm going to settle with a squeee into my pillow.

Eclipse Soundtrack Listing: On their Eclipse MySpace Music page, Summit released (slowly) every track that we can expect to see on the soundtrack. Here's the complete list:

  1. Metric – “Eclipse (All Yours)”
  2. Muse – “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”
  3. The Bravery – “Ours”
  4. Florence + The Machine – “Heavy In Your Arms”
  5. Sia – “My Love”
  6. Fanfarlo – “Atlas”
  7. The Black Keys – “Chop And Change”
  8. The Dead Weather – “Rolling In On A Burning Tire”
  9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – “Let’s Get Lost”
  10. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”
  11. UNKLE – “With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)”
  12. Eastern Conference Champions – “A Million Miles An Hour”
  13. Band Of Horses – “Life On Earth
  14. Cee-Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever”
  15. Howard Shore – “Jacob’s Theme”

I am so excited for these bands. This soundtrack is like my indie rock dream come true. I'm UBER excited to see Florence + The Machine. She's amazing. Knowing this, it's going to make it so much harder to resist listening to this over and over and over again but I'm going to try to obstain until I see the movie.

Oprah's Eclipse episode Thursday May, 13th. Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Dakota. It's also Rob's birthday. :-)

Eclipse Convention in Los Angeles June 11-13th: Rob, Kristen and Taylor (among other guests) are slated to attend a special Eclipse Convention. More details on Creation Entertainment's website. I will be going to this one way or another. I must. It's fate. Gah.... the screaming though... totally worth it!

MTV Movie Awards, June 6th at 9pm EST. You can vote for New Moon in 5 categories: Best Movie, Best Female Performance (Kristen Stewart), Best Male Performance (Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner), Best Kiss (Stewart and Pattinson) and Global Superstar (Kristen, Robert, and Taylor). You have until June 5th to vote.

Other: The premiere for Summit's latest Letters to Juliet was last night. Guess who was there? Fucking Rob, Charlie Bewely, Peter and his wife Jenny! FML!!!

Fan art source here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eclipse merchandise

You can tell that Eclipse is coming out soon when there's news practically every day.

I'm so glad others have found the time to track this stuff down because I sure as hell don't. So, from the Twilight Examiner, here are a few Eclipse merchandise (ie swag you're going to buy for your imaginary niece) that I kinda want to buy for myself found interesting. A more comprehensive list in their article here.

  • Nordstrom's "Eclipse" line of clothing. Preview some of this line all this week here as it culminates to the opening May 15th on their web site and in stores. I liked their New Moon themed clothing.. I didn't buy any but maybe they're on clearance. =D
  • Hard back Eclipse Collectors Edition, May 25. I'll wait for the BD one to come and then maybe I'll buy the box set. I dunno... I already own all the hard and soft backs... do I really need another set?
  • Eclipse Board Game, May 27. I have the New Moon Board Bored Game. I know the target fan base is 12-18 year old girls but still... maybe they can have sparkle peen game board pieces for a bit of fun?
  • That little Bree Tanner book whose title is as long as my summary here, June 5. Free on-line at Stephenie's website but I'm hard core, I'll still buy the hard back book... with a coupon. 
  • Eclipse Soundtrack, June 8. I made the mistake of over listening to the New Moon soundtrack before I saw the movie. It was kind of distracting when, during the movie, I would start singing along. I'm only going to listen to the MUSE song and not any of the others until I see it in the movie. I'll let you know if that works. =)
  • Movie Companion and the Score, June 29. I wish the movie companion came out earlier so that I could take it to the Eclipse red carpet premiere and get it signed. Also, I predict that this score will not stop playing on my mp3 player nor my car stereo until Breaking Dawn comes out.
  • Scene It? The Super Mega Ultra Delux Twilight Edition, released date TBD. It combines all three movies. All that's left is booze and chocolate and it's a party!

What are you looking forward to? Going to buy any of these?

In Soundtrack News:
The bands being featured on the Eclipse soundtrack are going to be announced on the Eclipse MySpace Music page starting tomorrow at 8am PST (go west coast!!). I will be at work with restricted internet access so I'll do a wrap up and the usually "what I think" tomorrow night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Breaking Dawn part II possible recast?

Just when you thought there wasn't enough drama in the fandom I read about salary disputes and the possibility of re-casting. Here are a few excerpts:

"Salary dispute holding up 'Twilight 5' announcement"
EXCLUSIVE: Summit Entertainment is working furiously to close the talent deals required to split Stephenie Meyer's fourth "Twilight" novel into two films... -- and could even lead to cast changes for the series' final installment.
...director Bill Condon is already signed to film two "Breaking Dawn" movies, which would be shot back-to-back starting in the fall and released in November 2011 and summer 2012, respectively. 
Deals for Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) and Billy Burke (Bella's father, Charlie Swan) are done, but we're told the actors who play the Cullen kids (especially Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene) are trying to sink their teeth into bigger paydays that, at least at this point, the studio behind the billion-dollar franchise is unwilling to provide. "We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point," says a source close to the dealmaking.
A deal is currently being negotiated to move the production to Louisiana (the first was shot in Portland and the second two in Vancouver and Italy). Luring "Twilight" would be a huge "get" for the state -- and, given the tax credits, a money-saver for the studio.
Read the full article here.

Louisiana??? WHAAAA?

Honestly, I'm kinda tired of the drama. I'm just about ready to sit back, relax, re-read The Hunger Games, and just wait it out (course it could all turn into a shit storm once they say they're going to re-cast Rob, there will be blood on the street!)

Also, don't forget to set your DVR for May 13th. Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Dakota's appearance on Oprah airs. This is a lovely screen capture of the Oprah promo spot on TV. Find more on Twilight Poison.

Eclipse movie and soundtrack details

Le Movie
Summit has announced that Fandango and will be selling tickets for Eclipse this Friday, May 14th. Though you might find that select theaters are already selling them in your area.

With this announcement, they also released that the total running time of the movie will be 2 hours and 4 minutes.

I'm waiting for my favorite midnight showing theater to start selling tickets. All of their seating is reserved seating. I highly recommend doing this if you can. No one wants to spend 6+ hours waiting in line.

Still no word yet on the red carpet premiere details at the Nokia Theater. Like... where do fans line up? Can fans line up? etc...

Le Music
The first single, Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) by MUSE, will be released May 17. The album itself will be released June 8th. (pre-order version 1, pre-order version 2)

UPDATE: Well not so much as an update as I just forgot to add it here. The Latin American band Jesse & Joy will also be featured on the Eclipse Soundtrack. 
“He speaks of these emotions that make you feel a love that, at a time, consider something magical, and there is a desire that makes you lose gravity. You feel like you’re flying, and it’s all love,” Jesse said in a telephone interview major Mexican newspaper. Source
The Eclipse Score, done by the brilliant Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), will be available June 29th. Which is the same day as The Twilight Saga Eclipse: Official Illustrated Movie Companion comes out.

I'm really excited to hear the MUSE single. My heart palpitates thinking about it.

I'm also a Howard Shore fan. I have complete and full confidence that he's going to create a wonderful score for the movie. I really enjoy Alexander Desplate's work on New Moon (I listen to it on repeat when I'm reading) and I hope to add Howard's efforts onto my play list. =D
See, even MUSE's own website is excited!

Friday, May 7, 2010

MUSE + Twilight = Heaven

Stephenie Meyer, on her site today, announced that the first single off of the Eclipse Soundtrack will be "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)" by MUSE. The single will be available May 17 with the entire soundtrack available June 8. Pre-order yours here.

I did a very loud "OH MY GAWD!" inside a theater when I heard the news. Luckily, the movie hadn't started yet.

The title of the song, Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever), which (thank god), isn't Love Spelled Backwards is Love, has the epic feel that I love about this band. I envision a melodic piano with some violins then ripping into a head banging bass line and wailing guitar riffs all while Matt is spewing out soulful lyrics about passionate love. I'm thinking it'll be Bliss, Glorious, Unintended, and Starlight all wrapped into one.

Seriously, I could not be happier. I can't wait to request this song on the radio all day, everyday.

Update: Here's a 8 second teaser/preview of MUSE's new single:

And you can see a High Quality version of their cover art here.

Visit the Eclipse Soundtrack Official site here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Breaking Dawn News:
Very late last night or early this morning (depending on what time zone you're in), "sources" with links into the movie industry let it be known that Breaking Dawn will release into theaters November 18, 2011. It is still unclear if Breaking Dawn will be one or two movies. Filming for this movie is thought to be taking place in the fall (late October, early November).

Eclipse Premiere Update: (this will update as info comes in)
It still feels like there's lots of confusion and different info coming out of Summit and into various sources. The only thing I know for sure is that it will be June 24th. Yea, I'm banging my head on the desk and pulling my hair out about this as well.
RT @twilighterz We hope to have all Eclipse premiere questions answered by tomorrow (including whether fans can camp out, if passes/tix are avail, etc.) :)
RT @KalebNation Info about the Eclipse premiere I posted earlier has changed. It was from Summit, but they're changing stuff. I'll have answers tomorrow!
Summit to MTV Hollywood Crush: 'Eclipse' Will Premiere At The Los Angeles Film Festival On June 24
Summit to RobsessedBlog: "It's going to be at the Nokia Theater on June 24th and this is also the Red Carpet Premiere."
Summit, I want a fucking press release!

Advanced Eclipse Midnight Showing Tickets:
Moviefone is already listing Eclipse midnight release tickets in selected cities. will have Eclipse on sale May 14

Main Eclipse Cast on Oprah:
The May 13th episode was taped yesterday with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Dakota. Here's one lucky fan's reaction when Rob shows up at her house for a segment that he did. I'm so jealous. I want Rob to make a house call to my home! Read Twitter reactions of watching Eclipse from the people who actually saw it on Robert Pattionson Life. OR read about the cast's Oprah interview from MTV via RobsessedBlog.

On a personal note... I just got my MUSE and Phoenix tickets in the mail!! Yeah baby!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Official Eclipse Premiere... NOT!

There was drama up in this fandom today. I didn't see everything that went down but I wouldn't be surprised if we Fail Whale'd Twitter with various "WTF!"s and "OMFG!"s

The Los Angeles Film Festival rolled out their line up for this summer's festival. They announced that they would be showing/screening The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Many, including myself, thought this meant that they were [world] premiering the movie as part of the festival instead of the much assumed Grauman's Chinese Theater premiere.

Kaleb Nation, in cahoots association with Summit Entertainment, let it be know that the LA Film Festival is not the official premiere. This is what he tweeted today:
"FROM SUMMIT: "this [LAFilmFest] is NOT the official red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. That is still happening." Take a deep breath :)"
"Info about the Eclipse premiere I posted earlier has changed. It was from Summit, but they're changing stuff. I'll have answers tomorrow!"
There are 55 (I don't count the rest of today) days until the release of the movie and Summit can't get their act together and give us some solid facts and details. I'm pretty sure that Eclipse is the #1 most anticipated summer movie ever. They're going to make swimming pools of money off of it and not just because of the fantastic reviews it's getting from people who've screened a rough cut of the movie.

*sigh* Now I have to tell my co-workers that the premiere may not be at the LAFF because I was skipping and bouncing off the walls all day today telling everyone about it. *facepalm*

I just want June to come quickly.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!

Dear fandom,

So the anniversary was actually yesterday but it was one year ago when I moved my Blog of Everything Twilight from LiveJournal to Aurora Fades. Time really does fly when  you're having fun.

A lot has happened but I'm really looking forward to the coming 365 days. There's Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, going to Forks/Vancouver, new fan fiction to read, new friends to make... you get the idea.

I'm thankful for this series, this fandom, fan fic smut, delicious Rob pictures, and you!

You are my life now,

p.s. Rob, call me. ^_-