Sunday, October 4, 2009

More merchandise

First off, NECA, the creators of all the Twilight Saga merchandise has some serious quality assurance issues. Their Edward doll for New Moon is supposed to look like what they sell through their Amazon store here. Instead, what we in the US get is this garbage seen here.

Really? How did our NM Mini E doll get mass produced? It doesn't look anything like how it's supposed to. Someone should get fired and they should re-release the correct version (it'd be nice if they fixed his slightly crossed eyes too).

Now this combines my two loves: Twilight and Anime. Yen Press is creating a Twilight Manga (graphic novel). It looks so amazing! They're not out yet and don't have a release date. Yen Press tells you to go here for updates on when it will be published. So far not a peep. EW wrote about this in an earlier issue.

There are these bracelets which are available in the France but not here. Bummer. They're kind of cute and not too flashy.

I want this necklace or something similar. Totally cute. I saw it at Hot Topic but I'm sort of cringing at the $20 price tag. I've been looking on Etsy for something like it but no dice. I love how it says "Twilight" down the pendant. Cute!!

These buttons are pretty cool too but not sold by Hot Topic (yet I hope!). So far you can only get them in the UK or on line for a few pounds.

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