Saturday, October 3, 2009


Even though the New Moon Movie Companion is coming out in 3 days and we've got 47 more until the movie... I'm DYING here!

*goose bumps all over mah body*

I keep chanting OhMyGod followed by both hands to the face to keep in my squeals. I'm gasping for breath.

EDWARD! ROBERT! In High Definition!!

Every picture I look at, I do another *facepalm* because he is more beautiful in each picture! Why aren't people screaming around me?? Don't they know what they could be viewing?! I look like a freaking idiot and crazed person right now @ Barnes & Nobel.

I'm like... trying to hold back the tears. I'm so happy and excited... it's overwhelming my system. I'm tearing up. >_< (It's not working, I'm dabbing at my eyes now)

*panties explode*

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