Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer

I wondered how long the Breaking Dawn Trailer would show up and be downloadable on the internet after it aired on the MTV movies awards that's being shown tonight. The answer: Negative 7 hours (and change).

Was the trailer stolen by some TwiHard hacker who couldn't wait? Looks like Summit did the dirty work for us and leaked it out before it aired. I'm sure MTV was thinking

So my reaction besides chanting "ohmygodohmygod", crying, panting and fanning my face in a movie theater as I'm trying to leave while watching the trailer on my phone..... I'm still recovering. I headed straight home to download and save it for all eternity and then check out the screen captures that people have done. These are some of my favorites:

Not from the trailer but I'd thought I'd start off with Breaking Dawn's tag line: Forever is only the beginning. That's so romantic. And I don't mean that in a condecending way. It really is a beautiful statement and makes me thinking of what I could possible to do Rob Edward for Forever.

I cannot tell you how thrilled and tickled I am that they're using his full name. They even have Masen in there. ( I thought it was Mason =P potaytoe potahtoe) My inner (and outer) nerd and fan girl is jumping up and down. It speaks to his past and it's like Edward Sr. and Elizabeth are there with him :')

The wedding right [Right] looks like an oversized version of her index finger moonstone ring, the wedding band [Left] is perfect. I love it.

I want to sit on his face.

Oh my! What this man does to me through a picture!

I cannot get tired of this trailer. Imagine what the actual movie is going to me like?! Seriously, I cannot fucking wait for Comic Con in July. I hope and pray that there is a Breaking Dawn panel and that they'll be sharing some footage. Oh My Gawd, I'm shivering in anticipation just thinking about it. 

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