Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking Leaks


I'm still a little awed/breathless right now. We had shirtless Monday when Rob and the cast were in Multipulciano filming the Italy scenes in New Moon. Well today, March 31 2011, is Isle Esme Thursday. Photos and video were leaked earlier in the day and the Twidom experienced a simultaneous orgasm.

I'm afraid I can't re-post anything or share links because everyone has taken down their photos at Summit's request. Let's just say you should bring an extra change of panties to the theater with you... and some Handy Wipes.

Damn... Rob's looking good... hmmm back and arm muscles...

Here's an artist's rendering of one of the pictures:

I'm probably going to make them rotate as my cellphone wallpaper until official still are released. 

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