Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hand and Foot print ceremony for the Twifecta

It's Thursday night and I'm preparing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will have their hand and foot impressed into the sidewalk in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Ceremony starts ~10am but my friends and I are thinking of getting there at 4am. The line for the forecourt starts at 6am.

Based upon what I'm hearing from the back alley of Jimmy Kimmel Live where Rob is taping his interview, people from around the country and world have flown in and have invaded LA. This week is Breaking Dawn Press Junket Week.

Expect lots of pictures from everyone this week. I'll post what I can but other blogs are a lot faster than I am uploading and sharing their photos, fyi. They're all doing the late night shows and a few morning shows. Tonight, they're screening Breaking Dawn (I think at The Grove) for 700 odd people. Reading twitter and the excitement is depressing because I'm not there or in Rob's dressing room where I should be.

What I am doing and what you can expect a blog post about is the Grauman's event tomorrow, TwiCon on Saturday, and camping out and being at the Breaking Dawn premiere. I'm also going to a midnight show but that goes without saying.

Time to charge my batteries.

Sorry about my lack of updates and posts (especially on Comic Com but if you were there you know, shit goes down). I'm still alive. I update my website: The Lit of Twi and my goal is to record during "Tent City" at the Breaking Dawn premiere and using it as a podcast. We'll see how that goes.

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