Friday, January 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn title and random acts of Twidar

Time to jump on the bandwagon. Summit has released the title treatment for Breaking Dawn, part 1.
My first reaction was "ohhh pretty". I like the colors. It makes it seem like the sun is setting or rising. It's gold on the bottom and redish at the top. People were commenting that there are too many "lines". I suppose, it doesn't detract any for me. I keep looking at it and it seems.. big. Like Breaking Dawn is a long title compared to the others but there's no getting around that. Overall, I like it.

And of course Summit released it's first official picture from the movie.

It first showed up in issue #1138 of Entertainment Weekly magazine and then later posted online. I pretty much only look at Rob/Edward. This Adam's apple, his bicep, his feathery lashes, his bicep... Kristen/Bella has a weird face. Like a "pretend there aren't 50 people watching me naked" look. This is a fairly narrow shot. I can't help but wonder what the wide screen shot will reveal. Rob straddling Kristen? The sheet just starting to slid off his gorgeous ass. Acres and acres of exposed back. hmmmm

This was all after Bill Condon's Thanksgiving treat to all of us we he posted this little nugget.

Summit and Bill have been pretty good to us. Giving us these Easter eggs to tide us over until the movie is released. Though rarely does a day go by that I'm not thinking of Twilight, Rob and/or Edward. It's kinda sad but whatever. 

Sometimes random acts of Twilight just happen without you planning it. I was listening to the news the other day and besides of two school shooting, they did a report on health care. One prevision in the plan is that my 2013, everyone is mandated to buy health insurance. Two people are suing against this because they think it's unconstitutional and one of the people suing lives in Port Angeles, WA! What are the odds.

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