Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What The Forks?!

You can listen, for free, to the Eclipse Soundtrack here as is streams until Noon June 3rd (Eastern Standard Time). I'm actually going to hold off on listening to it until I've seen the movie. I overplayed the New Moon soundtrack so when the music showed up in the movie, I was singing along instead of paying attention. Though that's not stopping me from pirating the audio. Arrg.

The track listings for the Eclipse Score, by Howard Shore, can be found here.

The Eclipse press junket will be June 12th, and June 13th. So look for lots of pictures, interviews, and videos.

It coincides with the Eclipse Los Angeles Convention (which I will be attending and hopefully posting about it daily) so my coverage will probably be done after the whole weekend is finished as a wrap up. If you can't wait, check out the links on the right side bar (---->). I recommend Everglow for all around general coverage. Rob is scheduled to be at the convention early Saturday evening (June 12th). This just happens to be the day that the UK play the US in the 2010 FIFA Wold Cup. If someone doesn't ask him about it, I will!

Someone is now the new owner of a life size silicone bust of Robert Pattinson which sold on eBay for ~$1,400. It is incredibly creepy looking. Check out this article for more info (but if creepy to the xtreme isn't your thing, skip it!)

Fan art by oxydgenesis

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