Saturday, June 26, 2010

Premiere camp - Day 4

The Big One!! (that's what she said)

Risin' an shinin' at 8 am. I wake up to my friend saying "Kai came last night?" Apparently around 1:30 in the morning, Kiowa Gordon (Embry) came by Tent City with his band Touche. He and his band were doing a gig down in Spaceland but we missed it because we were too busy sleeping. Oh well.

The day before we were watching them set up the black carpet and barricades and noticed a big problem. The wooden boards that have the Eclipse logos on them were about 18 inches away from the metal barricades holding back the fans. I don't know about you but the average fan doesn't have an arm length that long. How are we going to get autographs and pictures?? It's not cool. Summit and their planning crew just keep failing the fans at every turn.

We check out of the hotel at noon and make a quick run to Target for batteries and silver sharpies. I bought 4 but only came back with one. I was lending them out to people around me whose pens were running out or dry and never got them back. =T

Around 2 pm, they're starting to line us up in sequential order according to the number on our wristbands. You really didn't have to camp out once you got your wristband, you just had to be in line on time. While waiting in line we met Ian, he's a writer but is moving to Forks and setting up a Twi-shop because it is uncanny how much he looks like Rob (see picture).

We're waiting within the barricade for about 2.. 2 1/2 hours before the first celebrities start to show. There are three areas of the red carpet. It starts off with the pappz on one side and fans on the other side. Then it loops around to the TV channels (MTV, E!) and Ryan Seacreast. Then it turns and there's more media (radio, internet, and television) on one side and fans on the other side. After they pass the media it's a short trip inside the theater.

I was in the middle of the fan area across from the media section. Not a great spot. They spend most of their time on the other side taking pictures and signing stuff for fans there and on our side, they're busy doing interviews. I have lots of pictures of their backs and hair. Some took the time to sign stuff and take pics which was really nice and appreciated. I got everyone's signature that I wanted to get except for Robs. He practically ran past us because he was taking too long and his entourage were hurrying him inside. Boo!

After everyone went inside, they were handing out tickets to the fans to get into the  theater to watch the movie. I didn't want to go and neither did my friends. Yea, sounds awesome but I was exhausted, the seats were probably in the nosebleed section and I had to catch a 7 am fight the next morning and it was already 8 pm-ish, so that wasn't happening. I have midnight showing tickets to a theater that has reserved seating so my seats are great and I can relax and enjoy the show there... fully rested and not starving. Did I mention that we didn't eat this entire day?

I did my best. I got a few good photos. I haven't looked at my videos yet but once I do I'll post them to my YouTube channel. Subscribe and be the first ones to know when I've uploaded them. =D

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