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Eclipse TwiCon Day 1

Main ballroom, click to enlarge (there is actually more seating behind me from this angle)

Getting here
From the 405, exit Santa Monica Blvd (the "2") and head East (towards the sky scrapers)
Turn RIGHT onto Ave of the Stars
Turn RIGHT onto Constellation
Turn LEFT onto MGM Dr and head STRAIGHT into the self-parking structure. Valet is on Ave of the Stars at the front of the hotel.

Alternate route (might save you some time):
From Santa Monica Blvd, turn RIGHT onto Century Park W (Westfield on the corner)
LEFT on Constellation Blvd
RIGHT onto MGM Dr and STRAIGHT into the self-parking structure.

Take the elevator up to level 9
Take the bridge and follow the signs to Hotel Regestration
Once inside, take the escalators DOWN one level to get your credentials (Will Call).
Go DOWN another level to the main area.

Make sure to take a schedule of events and a booklet. The booklet has a mini map in the back that shows you where everything is. IMPORTANT: For "parking validation", go back to the Will Call booth and pick up a $12 coupon. Without this, you will be charged $24 for parking.

Main Stage
I have transcripts (more or less) of Tinsel's and Michael/Justin's time on stage but I'm only posting up my favorite quotes.

2:00 pm Tinsel Korey
She is such a sweetheart and so funny, especially when she's impersonating Kiowa. Here are some of my favorite questions and answers.
What has been your most memorable, positive, fan experience?
There was this little girl that I met in Burmingham in the UK and she has Cystic Fibrosis and she's the most positive, uplifing person I think... probably being part of this movie or one of the best experences is probably meeting her because she's got so much strength and it's really inspiring.
Can you please describe each member of the wolf pack.  
Let's go with Alex. Alex is just one of those people that can make you feel completely mental. Like, you just want to strangle him most of the time. And then when you see him, he's got that loving smile and pokes at you and you're like “ugh, I can't be mad at you”. It's got that love / hate thing. Yes, he's hot. He knows he's hot. He's always posing everywhere, doing flips and stuff.
Bronson, he just has a lot of energy. He's like the person “Let's do this! Let's do this!” And you saw it in the clip with Taylor explaining how Broson is just full of energy.
Kiowa, is just... Kiowa *flips her hair to the side covering half her face* I saw him on the MTV red carpt he's like: “Yea, I went to Nordstroms and picked this out and uh... yea, it was awesome.”
Tyson... Tyson's body got like... when he walked out I was like “What the hell happened to you?” Like he's *makes hand motions depicting a six pack* He... that boy put some effort into it because he was really skinny when he first started in New Moon and then he just started growing like crazy. Tyson's body is going. He's just really really... he's just a smart brainac type of guy.
Cheske... my nick name for him is sunshine because he's just like a big ray of sunshine. I dunno... he's great. He's one of those people who's always positive no matter what. So, “Do you wanna do this?” “Yeah! Totally! Great!”
Taylor... he's different around me than he is around the boys because they do their football thing in a small tent when it's raining outside. He's just got a lot of energy. The boy is talented, I'll give you that much.
And Booboo, for all you younger girls under 16, yea... I think he's cute. I'm glad they cast Booboo. He's just an awesome addition to the wolf pack.
Julia is awesome. People try to peg us against each other and start this war but it's just not happening because I'm glad that she's on this journey with me. She's awesome and she's super super hot.

Did you learn anything about yourself playing Emily or in any other role that you played? 

I've developed so much as a female from playing Emily. I feel like it was my role for me personally with my own growth, Emily has a lot of strenght even though she's scared, she doesn't let that effect her... she's still beautiful. To me, the great thing about Emily is her beauty comes from inside. That's what makes her radiate. It teaches you to focus on that inner stuff rather than constantly focusing on the “I've got a blemish” stuff. I found a lot of strenght playing her.
3:10 pm Kiowa Gordon
Sporting a shaggy Beiber haircut and green pants, Kiowa answered questions in his easy going manner and eventually started walking around the room.
3:45 pm Michael Welch and Justin Chon
These boys are so funny together. They bounce off each other adding more anecdotes to a story. Justin told his story of his most embarrassing moment and when he almost died while surfing and Michael did his Twilight movie Forks diner dance and did a Catherine Hardwicke impression. But here are some of my favorite questions and answers from Justin and Michael.
Justin: What has been the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you? 
Um.. I think I told this story.. actually really recently because it's the only thing that I could really think of that was just really embarassing... well ok I'll tell you two things. One time, I got in big trouble from my dad for being really stupid in High School and he.. I don't know what kind of punishment this was, but he made me cut my own hair. And he made me cut my front hair really short and he kept going, “Shorter! Shorter!” By the time it was done I looked in the mirror and for some reason it got cut like this *motions an upside down U running from one ear, to his forhead, and down to the other ear*. I showed up to school and everybody was laughing at me.

The other embarassing moment was in fifth grade. We were in PE and we were all shooting free throws and, you know, I was a shrimp, I was so small. I was maybe 3'8” or something... and it takes me every ounce of energy from me to get the ball to the net, and it's not even gracefull.. it's like UNGH! And I remember lined up on the half court behind me and I'm about to shoot, I'm trying to prepare... I throw the ball so hard with all my might... I farted really loudly. It was like that moment where I was standing there for a second and I was like, “Do I turn around? Did they hear it?” And I did this like really sheeping look and I was like *turns his back to the audience and slowly looks behind his shoulder* And everybody is just laughing at me. It was pretty embarassing.

How 'bout you Mike? What was your most embarassing story?
That was a question for you...
That was pretty bad... at least I didn't crap in my pants. That would've been bad. I would probably walk... waddle away.
Well, you took mine.
Oh! *laughs* Michael shit in his pants.'s a problem.... I think that's why I didn't get Edward [the role]. I was going to get it... but then they're: “Dude, your pants are full of poop. You can't be Edward. It's rediculous.”
… *makes a sound effect* Sorry Bella... I sharted. I don't think I should see you anymore.

What question are you most tired of answering? 
See, that's a double edge sword question because if you say it then they're going to ask us.
Well for me it's pretty simple: “Rob and Kristen? Mmm... they doin' it?"
"Come on... you can tell me. Just between you and me."
"Is Taylor in there? Does Taylor join in?"
"No... I'm just with.. ah.. Star Magazine, you can tell me."
I just turned my recorder off. It's off, you can tell me don't worry.
That's my answer
Does Taylor watch?
*Mike immitates Taylor watching*
That's my impression of Taylor watching
I might make Michael and Justin's Q&A audio available because they are just so funny.

4:40 pm Booboo Stewart
He's grown! He's cute! I remember seeing him at the New Moon premiere and he was a wee tiny baby but now he's a tall adolescent. He also, couldn't be nicer and giggly. 

Spoiler Alert!
Extended Bella/Edward kissing scene when he's dropping her off at Jacob's here.
Eclipse behind the scenes b-roll here.

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