Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eclipse TwiCon Day 2

The schedule for today is as follows:

10:15 am The Cullen Family Panel with Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli.
Jackson and Peter stole theshow here. Ashley didn't really talk unless she was asked a direct question but her hair looked amazing. It was so long. Her and Nikki could have passed for sisters.
Videos here

11:00 am The Bad Vampires Panel: Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel
Xavier has the sexiest Australian accent. It also doesn't hurt that he's extremely good looking. Bryce is a true Twifan and was so sweet and gracious and really nice. Her hair is a beautiful red too.
Videos here

11:45 am Gil Birmingham, Christian Serratos, and Daniel Cudmore
Dan is the man. He's so lovable and handsome and talkative and funny. Gil was eh. Christian also had really long and big poofy hair and she's super small and skinny and didn't really contribute much to the conversation. It was a awkward panel.
Videos here

4:00 pm Booboo Stewart and Tyson Houseman
Tyson looks a lot better in person than he does in the production pictures of him. His body looks like he's packing some heat under his shirt and he's kinda nerdy-cute with his glasses. Booboo is adorable as always. I was actually sitting near him in the hotel lobby earlier in the morning but I didn't want to stare or take pictures because I didn't want to be "that" fan.

6:00 pm The Wolf Pack Panel with Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer and Julia Jones
This was Julia's first PR appearance and I think she was nervous, I think that's why Cheske and Alex couldn't stop touching her. They were always patting her back or giving her a wolf version of a high five. Alex is great, he did some wild flips for us. Cheske loves tossing his hair and running his fingers through it. It's really shiny. =)
Videos here

7:00 pm Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson
Oh Mah Gawd the screaming. You could tell that all three were pretty loopy because they've probably had no sleep in a while. Kristen and Rob kept whispering in each other's ears, Kristen's tics were more pronounced, Tayler was goofy and giggly as always. It was kind of annoying when people would keep randomly shout "I love you!" "Take off your shirt!" "You're so hawt!" Every pause was filled with these and then people would shush them and then more would shout in the silence. It was really hard to hear them but they had some really good moments and some memorable quotes.
Videos here

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