Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse... let's see that again!

4 days of camping out in Tent City, catching a 7 am flight the morning after the red carpet premiere, going to an all night birthday party, driving to Forks, coming back to work then immediately to the theater to see the Eclipse midnight showing left me exhausted but it's amazing what the combination of sugar, caffeine and adrenaline can do for your system.

The movie went above and beyond everything I had hoped it to be. Sure, it cut out a few things, mashed up some details to make the story travel faster, but DAMN Rob is so freakin' hot. Bella who? Taylor huh? Seriously, he is un-freakin-real. He keeps looking better and better. Sooo many money shots. Once I get the book leg DVD I'm screen caping the shit out of it and my desktop backgrounds are going to change every 5 minutes.

And Jackson! Gah!

I've only seen it once so far so I can't go into the details of my favorite parts or the parts that I wished they didn't change/leave out. But I'm happy to say that it got all the important ones. The tent scene read like it was verbatim from the book. Brilliant! I have to give it up for Taylor. He's acting his broken little heart in this movie. Bella's wig wasn't a complete disaster, it was mostly forgettable except in a few scenes where it looked like her hair lines was made out of hair plugs.

So, I saw New Moon in theaters seven times... I think I'll see Eclipse more even though NM was my favorite =D

Also in theaters is Jackson Rathbone's new movie The Last Airbender. If you've never seen the cartoon show, watch it! It's really really good. Not just for kids. I'm really excited to see this. I think I'll catch a double feature tomorrow Eclipse/Airbender.

I just started listening to the Eclipse soundtrack today and I really enjoy it. I have the deluxe version but there remixes aren't worth it and the bonus tracks aren't spectacular either so if you just have the "regular" version, you're not missing out on much. My favorite tracks is a toss up between Florence + The Machine's Heavy In Your Arms and Sia's My Love. I'm a huge Florence fan. Her album, Lungs, is suberb. I love the track Howl and of course Cosmic Love.

I'm also listening to Howard Shore's score for Eclipse. It's very... Shore-like: brass and string heavy - grandiose. The New Born theme sounds a lot like Shelob's (Lord of the Rings reference). The eerie violins scraping against the strings in disharmony is pretty creepy for a bloodthirsty vampire or a giant spider. I can also definitely hear Howard's influence in Metric's contribution to the soundtrack.

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