Friday, May 14, 2010

Eclipse premiere camp out

Hurray! Summit has finally let fans know when they can start camping out:
Fans can start camping to see the event of the year - THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE red carpet premiere - is Monday, June 21 at 6am PT - Remember the premiere is at Nokia Theater!
Dude, I'm so there. A few days, that's nothing. Seriously, I was planning on starting to camp on the the 18th. :-D

I'm going to try to visit downtown before this date and do some reconnaissance. I need to find out where bathrooms, gyms (for showers), and food are near by. I was going to go today but I was tired and they were having some pre-WangoTango (SoCal radio Top 40 concert) event which means killer traffic.

5/16 UPDATE: From Summit
Allow me to clarify, and sorry if there was any miscommunication before – LA Live is not public property, and will not allow camping before that date/time. You also can not camp on the streets around LA Live. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you’re just as excited about the event as we are! Source
Is "loitering" still considered camping out? >=)

Gah! Hungry Edward is so hot. I keep watching the Eclipse Oprah episode. My face hurts from smiling. 

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