Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eclipse merchandise

You can tell that Eclipse is coming out soon when there's news practically every day.

I'm so glad others have found the time to track this stuff down because I sure as hell don't. So, from the Twilight Examiner, here are a few Eclipse merchandise (ie swag you're going to buy for your imaginary niece) that I kinda want to buy for myself found interesting. A more comprehensive list in their article here.

  • Nordstrom's "Eclipse" line of clothing. Preview some of this line all this week here as it culminates to the opening May 15th on their web site and in stores. I liked their New Moon themed clothing.. I didn't buy any but maybe they're on clearance. =D
  • Hard back Eclipse Collectors Edition, May 25. I'll wait for the BD one to come and then maybe I'll buy the box set. I dunno... I already own all the hard and soft backs... do I really need another set?
  • Eclipse Board Game, May 27. I have the New Moon Board Bored Game. I know the target fan base is 12-18 year old girls but still... maybe they can have sparkle peen game board pieces for a bit of fun?
  • That little Bree Tanner book whose title is as long as my summary here, June 5. Free on-line at Stephenie's website but I'm hard core, I'll still buy the hard back book... with a coupon. 
  • Eclipse Soundtrack, June 8. I made the mistake of over listening to the New Moon soundtrack before I saw the movie. It was kind of distracting when, during the movie, I would start singing along. I'm only going to listen to the MUSE song and not any of the others until I see it in the movie. I'll let you know if that works. =)
  • Movie Companion and the Score, June 29. I wish the movie companion came out earlier so that I could take it to the Eclipse red carpet premiere and get it signed. Also, I predict that this score will not stop playing on my mp3 player nor my car stereo until Breaking Dawn comes out.
  • Scene It? The Super Mega Ultra Delux Twilight Edition, released date TBD. It combines all three movies. All that's left is booze and chocolate and it's a party!

What are you looking forward to? Going to buy any of these?

In Soundtrack News:
The bands being featured on the Eclipse soundtrack are going to be announced on the Eclipse MySpace Music page starting tomorrow at 8am PST (go west coast!!). I will be at work with restricted internet access so I'll do a wrap up and the usually "what I think" tomorrow night.

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