Monday, May 10, 2010

Eclipse movie and soundtrack details

Le Movie
Summit has announced that Fandango and will be selling tickets for Eclipse this Friday, May 14th. Though you might find that select theaters are already selling them in your area.

With this announcement, they also released that the total running time of the movie will be 2 hours and 4 minutes.

I'm waiting for my favorite midnight showing theater to start selling tickets. All of their seating is reserved seating. I highly recommend doing this if you can. No one wants to spend 6+ hours waiting in line.

Still no word yet on the red carpet premiere details at the Nokia Theater. Like... where do fans line up? Can fans line up? etc...

Le Music
The first single, Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) by MUSE, will be released May 17. The album itself will be released June 8th. (pre-order version 1, pre-order version 2)

UPDATE: Well not so much as an update as I just forgot to add it here. The Latin American band Jesse & Joy will also be featured on the Eclipse Soundtrack. 
“He speaks of these emotions that make you feel a love that, at a time, consider something magical, and there is a desire that makes you lose gravity. You feel like you’re flying, and it’s all love,” Jesse said in a telephone interview major Mexican newspaper. Source
The Eclipse Score, done by the brilliant Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), will be available June 29th. Which is the same day as The Twilight Saga Eclipse: Official Illustrated Movie Companion comes out.

I'm really excited to hear the MUSE single. My heart palpitates thinking about it.

I'm also a Howard Shore fan. I have complete and full confidence that he's going to create a wonderful score for the movie. I really enjoy Alexander Desplate's work on New Moon (I listen to it on repeat when I'm reading) and I hope to add Howard's efforts onto my play list. =D
See, even MUSE's own website is excited!

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