Friday, September 11, 2009

A new New Moon Movie Trailer

I went to the movies today to see 9 but when I caught wind that they were showing a new New Moon movie trailer in front of Sorority Row, I knew what I had to do.

I bought a ticket for 9 but snuck into Sorority Row. It was amazing. I tried to record it but towards the end you can hear the theater manager start yelling an announcement. When it finally came to her that no one could hear her over the f*kawesome trailer that was playing, she started to visit each and every person in the theater (about twelve of us) and personally relay her message. That's why the very ending is a bit wobbly and the end of the trailer is cut (there's more after they flash the movie title).

My reaction: I DIED. I thought I might have a heart attack, it was thumping so hard. I couldn't stop the "Holy Fucking Christ"s and replaying Edward taking off his shirt in my head. I was shaking and (I admit) tearing up a bit because I was freaking out. (I have text messages and a voice mail of me to attest to it).

After the trailer played and the manager walked away I waited for a bit and went into the theater showing the movie I actually purchased a ticket for. On my way I saw another theater that was showing Sorority Row in an hour. Coincidence? I don't think so, not in my Twi-verse. I set my phone timer for 50 minutes and in the middle of watching my movie it went off. I quietly left and snuck into the theater I'd passed.

Show time. Round two. This time there was no annoying managers to yell out stuff or try to catch me in the act. I tried recording this trailer. Looking back at it, it cuts off near the end. That's because my batteries died (recording in HD takes a lot of juice).

Anyway, consider my mind blown and my panties combusted.

Note: I'm making the vids private, e-mail me for the link (if I haven't e-mailed you already).

Another Note: I never went back to watch the movie I paid for. I had to go home, watch this over and over again, and upload the videos because this masterpiece needs to be shared.

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