Friday, September 25, 2009

Encounters with non-Twilight fans

Being a Twi-fan that's "out" (ie: I'm not ashamed to take my Twilight lunch box to work and buy Twilight related magazines even though I'm dogging curious stares like taxis in NY) I get a lot of crap and eye rolls. I roll with it though. They don't know what they're missing.

If I get curious overtures I'm not afraid or ashamed to totally pimp out the books to others. I've gotten a few co-workers hooked and just yesterday gave another the first book with the promise that I'll bring her the second on Tuesday.

It's mostly from my guy friends that most of the banter comes from. One asked me during lunch, eyeing my lunch box, who the Cullens were. Without too much detail I calmly explained that the 300 year old vampire Carlisle is the figurative head of his family who've all adopted his last name of Cullen.

When I wore my Bella charm bracelet the others didn't know what it signified but the fans at work squeed in delight at seeing it.

One time at Borders, I was checking out with a Twilight magazine and the guy behind the register asked,
"Twilight? Really?" (He's wearing an exasperated expression) "Is this for you??"
"Yep!" I smile happily. I'm thinking if I seem normal and nice, this guy will understand that even cool people get addicted to fun stuff like this.
"Ugh!" he exclaimed. (or maybe not?) "Why can't you say it's for your little sister or niece or something?!" "I hate Twilight. I just don't get it." He rants further.n"A guy came in and bought the books and I asked them who they were for and he said they were for himself. I told the dude, 'Dude, you can't tell people that. Say they're for your girlfriend or something,'" he said shaking his head.
Now I've got an incredulous expression plastered all over my face thinking 'What the hell's your problem. Ring me up you douche so I can tear into them already!'
What I say is, "Oh...well... I love them and I'm not ashamed to admit it.. it's like Star Wars... but for chicks." (God I wish I had witty comebacks.)

Now I get a little feeling of trepidation when I buy magazines... I just hope a girl checks me out but if it's a guy I try to think of something to say to him to shame before he shames me.

Whatever. This Halloween, since I work Saturdays, I'm dressing up as Bella (from the New Moon Italy scenes) to work. =D They'll all assume that I'm just wearing normal clothes but the fellow Twi-fans there will get it. That's what matters. I'll take pictures of myself... whether I post them up here or not is another thing. =P

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