Monday, March 15, 2010

Official Twilight Convention

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I went to the Official Twilight Convention at the LAX Marriott Hotel. Overall it was pretty good but honestly, I don't think I would go to a convention again. One of the nice things was that I was reunited with my "Twilight Family" that I met while waiting in line for the New Moon Premiere. We're spread out on the West Coast and have all aggregated here which was really nice. It was great getting the whole family together again.

Just so you know, we bought the Preferred Weekend Package that give you mid-range seating and an autograph (on something you have) from all the people that were there at the convention. I was going to have them sign my Eclipse book but I ended up having them sign production photos so that I could frame them and hang them up. You can't hang a book. I'll just have to save it for the Eclipse premiere.

Ok so I'll summarize and highlight the best of what happened this weekend after the break below.
1:50 pm: Tinsel Korey
3:00 pm: Justin Chon
5:30 pm: Justine Wachsberger
6:10 pm: Autographs
9:30 pm: Friday Night Musical Karaoke (is there another type of karaoke that isn't musical?) & Twilight Music Girls Concert hosted by Justin and Tinsel.

11:55 am: Chaske Spencer
1:10 pm: Kiowa Gordon
2:25 pm: Alex Meraz
5:00 pm: Charlie Bewley
6:30 pm: Autographs
10:00 pm: Saturday Night Volturi Vampire Ball with Chaske, Charlie, Alex and Kiowa. 

1:45 pm: Kellan Lutz
2:15 pm: Peter Facinelli
2:45 pm: Kellan and Peter
5:40 pm: Costume Competition
6:10 pm: Autographs

Tinsel: I walked in a little more than half way through her Q&A but I thought she was very poised and cute. I liked her 1000 times more after hearing her speak so articulately and passionately.

Justin: He was a little ADD. That, or he drank a few Red Bulls before taking the stage because he could not sit still in his chair. One moment that stuck in my mind was the last question. She asked, "What is your favorite kung fu movie and who would you like to be?" or something like that. I remember Justin saying something along the lines of "because I'm Asian, I have to talk about kung fu". I was laughing because he was pretty much turning her question into a racial question and then trying to back pedal what he said to not sound like an ass but he just kept making that whole moment awkward. I laugh at embarrassing things and this was one of them.

Justine: Yea, I didn't know who she was either until I asked the people at the registration desk, "Whose Justin (thinking it's a boy) Wash-a-burger?". "She plays Gianna." "Ohhh...." I said, turning to my sister, "doesn't she have one line.. in Italian? Why is she here?" She is really cool and very very patient. I felt a little bad for her because they were asking her very random and awkward questions. What I remember most about her is that she had a very South Californian accent (she went to USC) which is odd because she grew up in Paris, France and admits to speaking better French than English. She didn't have much of a French accent at all.

Remember Me: Just Amazing!

Chaske: He told a few stories that I thought were pretty funny. One was answering the question, "What was the oddest fan reaction you've had?" He talks about watching a girl come up to him but get so far before her eyes roll back in her head and starts to faint. He think she's faking until he sees her head bounce on the ground and then thinks, "Oh shit, this is for real." She was out cold. When she came to, he had a private meet and great with her for a good 15 minutes, all the time saying how embarrassed she was. Another story was one of his answers to, "What was the funniest thing that happened on set?" He  talked about during rehearsals for the muffin scene in Emily's house, when Tyler/Jacob walks in and stands in the back doorway; he's so focus on "being hot" that he doesn't notice that the glass sliding glass door is closed and SMACKS right into it.

Kiowa: He's very 19 and all kinds of awkward. He can't sit still either. He relates a funny moment on the New Moon set when he and the pack are playing football. He kicks the ball but his shoe comes off and hits Bronson in the face. Bronson is in make-up and the football and shoe are covered in mud. The football flies, hits a car which then almost causes it to crash. He's reaction was that it "made my day." When asked what would his Super Hero name be (90% of the question asked during the whole weekend were ridiculous), he said that he'd be named "Super Brown". One of the hosts quipped, "It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'What can Brown do for you?'". It was around this point that he jumps off stage and walks around the room answer questions and giving out a bunch of "Birthday" hugs. His band, Touche, sets up on stage and they perform a song of theirs. It is the most god awful noise I have ever heard. I took a video of it and post it if I can but I think all you can hear is me laughing uncontrollably.

Alex: His response to the question, "What was it like shooting in Vancouver?" was "Very nippily." I like his anecdote about putting on his make-up with Rob in the same trailer very early one morning. He's reading a movie script that is being directed by Larry Clark and suddenly he hears Rob practically whisper in his ear, "You're working with Larry Clark?" And it was funny watching him reenact what he did because obviously it was way to early in the morning for Rob to be stealthy, like a vampire, and whisper things to him in a quiet make-up trailer.

Charlie: Another in our ADD class. He cannot sit still. He admits that he can't be still. He's always moving about or giggling or otherwise distracted. He telling us that when filming Eclipse, you've got Felix looking menacing, Jane looking fierce, Alec is calculating as they're walking towards the Cullens then then there's Demetri who's staring off to the side thinking to himself "Squirrel!!" Charlie had one of the most memorable moments when a "volunteer" goes on stage as a stand in to use in a pole dancing demonstration. He asks, "A stand in for what?". She answers, "The pole." Let's just say that it was not quiet in room when Charlie starts grinding on this lucky lucky girl as he demonstrates how to pole dance.

Kellan: My favorite moment is just after he appears on stage. The crowd screams, he takes off his jacket, they scream some more and then the hosts asks the first question. He gets up and walks around the stage to answer but just as he's about to he looks down at himself and says, "Woa, my shirt is a little see through. Can you all see my nipples?" More screams. =D

Peter: Peter pretty much dazzled me. I was smiling like an idiot the entire time. I just remember an aside when he talked about flying back home from NY or Vancouver just to have dinner with his daughters then immediately flying back to the set. That kind of stuff turns me into a puddle of goo. There was a moment when it was just him on the stage, he was about to answer a question when he spotted some girls leaving the room. He yells out, "Don't leave! Kellan's coming back! I know it's boring, I'm sorry."

Costume Competition: The small kids were 10 different kinds of adorable. The adults were creative and some were hysterical. I was laughing so hard I think I might have scared the girls in back of me. They thought that my seat might tip over onto them. My sister had to cover my mouth with her hands at one point because I was so loud. =)

Picture and possible some audio and video to come soon! Check in the next few days for an update.

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