Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just noticed..

Ok, disclaimer time. I have a full 40 hour (sometimes more) job so the only time I have to submerge myself in all things Twilight is when I get home and crawl into my Twi-cave and pretty much shut out everything else. I don't get to look at/read all the stuff that's out there so sometimes things fall through the cracks.

So, first off... Summit has replaced David Slade's long time partner/editor, Art Jones, with the Twilight editor Nancy Richardson, according to Entertainment Weekly. What does this mean for Eclipse? Who can say. I'm slightly scared that Summit pretty much ran off David's choice of editors and seemingly replaced him with was seems like a puppet to do their editing bidding. Eclipse is a whole different animal compared with Twilight. It needs to accomplish so much more than have two characters fall in love and get harassed by visiting vampiric nomads. I want to know why Summit didn't like what Slade and Jones were producing to necessitate this change so late in the game. I just know that Slade is going to be asked this question when he has to do publicity for Eclipse... I have a feeling like he's going to sounds disappointed and try and brush off the questioner. A pox on you Summit!

Secondly... click on the "leaked" Eclipse meadow picture of Edward and Bella looking 100 shades of happy and tell me this.... is there a distinct wedding ring on Bella's left hand??!! It looks a lot like the replicas that Twilight inspired jewelry businesses are trying to sell: golden, oval, with a bunch of sparklies. Seriously, I can't wait to see this movie!

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