Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Moon DVD and Eclipse stuff

The New Moon DVD:

Because the US Postal Service is 10 kinds of fail, I didn't get my New Moon DVD until Monday, the 22nd. I had to try and not watch the special features that were posted on-line because I wanted to see it on my large screen TV.

Anyway, I had ordered the 3-disc DVD from Target and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It would be 100 times greater if Kristen, Rob and Taylor were on the commentary but oh well. I guess they didn't want to sell too many DVD *shrugs*.

My favorite part of the DVD was the featurette about the bands that were in the movie and on the soundtrack. They showed a few clips from the Hollywood/Highland cast tour event of the band performing and you can totally see me in the crowd! (pictured with the red arrows point at me) I pretty much told everyone because if you saw yourself on a DVD wouldn't you want to share the news too? Yea, so that was exciting.

The Target 3-disc DVD came with a collectable "cell". Now, I'm a really big fan of anime (japanese animation) and when I would go to conventions and comic book stores and would sell "cells" it's usually a scene of that particular show but without the background. They usually use map paintings or layer another cell below it. So just imagine a clear plastic page with some hand drawn and colored picture. That to me, is a "cell".

So that's what I was expecting to see, just a smaller version of it, in the DVD package. What was really inside was a tiny 35mm piece of film inset in a card. So disappointing. The one I have is the beach rescue scene when Jacob is hovering over Bella after just pulling her out of the water. What am I supposed to do with a 1"x1.5" piece of film? I don't own a dark room so it's not like I can blow it up and develop it. Maybe put a flashlight behind it and project it onto my wall? Lame.

Robsessed has some clips from the press junket in Japan that's on their DVD. Check them out here.

Eclipse stuff:

The Eclipse Movie Companion is going to be released June 29th ( Which freakin' sucks because what am I going to have the cast sign at the premiere which will probably be held a few days earlier (official date still not announced). Didn't the New Moon Companion come out way ahead of the movie?

Eclipse is coming out in paperback on May 25th. I own the hardback but I think I'm going to have all the paperbacks as well because I'm getting my hardback signed by any of the cast and crew I can find and don't want to lend them out to people to spread the Twilight love so I'll get the paperbacks to spread the Twilight gospel.

Sort of Random:

Chris Weitz is a rugged hottie. :0)

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