Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eclipse Trailer


Watch in HD.

This looks so fantastic! There are so many things that I've noticed in the 3, maybe 4, times I've just watched it.

1. Rob is hot and I totally feel like he'll protect me. What a man.
2. Taylor does "broken" really really well. I really like him as Jacob.
3. Did Bryce look like Lady GaGa but with red hair? Her eyes look humungous!
4. Bella wig... she didn't have humidity issues for the first two movies... that wig is so fail.
5. Volturi: So glad they gave Dakota more lines. It lets her act. I kinda thought she just stood around in the second one. Plus, Charlie Bewely strutting his stuff. Woot!
6 - 10. Seriously, Rob. You're so freakin' hot. >_<

Oh random but I love the opening and closing title sequence. The billowing dark clouds in the beginning and the quiet snow fall in the end (or is it rain?). Loved it!

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