Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spiderman Premiere

Ok, so this was a looong time ago and this may seem like old news but whatever. I have pictures and a few video clip that I took while I was there and I either need to delete them or post them and delete them so...

This summer, June 28 2012 to be exact, at the FOX theater in Westwood California, Spiderman had it's premiere. The street was closed and lined with red carpet in front of giant Spiderman movie poster billboards. What you don't see at every premiere that was at this one was an actual Spiderman actor in costume on the top of the boards photo-bombing paparazzi pictures and scaring unwary folk.

We waited for a few hours on the corners of the intersection and Andrew, Emma and some other cast and celebrities tried to greet fans and sign before heading onto the carpet. It felt like a pretty typical LA movie premiere experience.


Afterwards, I went over to CPK and had dinner. The after party was held just around the corner on the closed off street under some tented areas. I'm sure if people stuck around, they probably met more of the actors.

More pics:

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