Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2 Movie Premiere Master Post

Hello everyone! I'm about ready to jump into my car and head down to LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles for Tent City and for the premiere that is on Monday. I'll be updating this post as the weekend goes on with updates and photos.

You can follow my adventures on Twitter! Follow me @SharonMacross and @SoCalTFMU! Have a great weekend, I know I will!


3:00 pm

Starting to rain pretty good now. Im in group 5 which doesnt start to check until 4pm but there already people in group 6 lined up. My group amd I are taking advantage of the chairs and umbrellas while we can, none of us mind if we're towards the back of group 5.

3:45 pm

We head over to the line, which is pretty long by now with all the group 6 people. We find a smaller line for group 5ers and get into that. It takes about 20 minutes before we get sent inside the parking structure to check in.

4:40 pm

They send us to the roof of the parking structure where a canopy is built over a portion of it. It takes us a while to set up our tents because all we have, since the aun set, are blueish floodlights and security's flashlights. By this time we're all hot and sweaty lugging our stuff and trying to set up the tents in a rush because they're really packing us like sardines out here. My group had to set up 9 tents! But setting up isn't over.


I make a trip to my car and then the decorations can begin to go up. Let's just say it's pretty amazing. It'll look better in the day though.


Twilight the movie begins in the plaza. It was supposed to start at 8pm but I think Lionsgate/Summit may have made a huge logistical mistake. The rest of group 6 filled up the roof (both the covered and uncovered area) and now they're being directed to set up in the uncovered plaza area now.


Group 6 finishes up registering.

11:00 pm

Twilight ends and people start to blow shit up (their mattresses fool!). Now to try and sleep. I'm actually glad we are where we are; it's dark and there aren't a whole lot of people so it's not so noisy. See you in the AM!



Wake up. Shower. Get dressed. Coffee and breakfast at Starbucks.


Jamba juice work out, free wristbands and smoothies!

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