Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2 at Comic Con

So, I'm not dead. This blog is still alive-ish. I just haven't been up to much... well ok that's a lie, I just haven't found the time to blog about it. Bon fires, Twilight in the park, Spiderman premiere, etc. I have the job of keeping up and running so I'm spending time on that instead of this...

Anyway, for what you came for. This is going to be my master post on my San Deigo Comic Con 2012 weekend. I'll fill in the info bits as I upload pics and such. I'm sure there are a lot of other blog sites with all this info on it already, I'm just documenting it for my and Google searches purposes. :P

Important Note: On Tuesday, July 10, my friend was killed in a tragic traffic incident just outside Hall H of the San Deigo convention center. I actually met her in Vegas for TFMU and again that previous Saturday (July 7) for a "Twilight in the Park" event. I had just met her and when I found out Tuesday, I was a complete wreck. But this fandom has really outdone itself by showing their support and how true the statement "Fandom is Family" really is. We set up a memorial fund for her family and raised nearly $9,000. Contributions in her name can still be made to the Alzheimer's Association for a Twilight fan fiction compilation and raffled prizes. For more information on this, please visit Fandom 4 TwiFan G.


8:00 pm After checking into the hotel and getting my SDCC badge, I head to the end of the line to start camping out for the Breaking Dawn panel that is scheduled for the next day.

9:00 pm There were rumors going around that the cast would show up and guess what, it was completely true. After their party/event, the entire cast and Stephenie Meyer came to the camp out line. They handed out blinkie necklaces and mini SDCC Breaking Dawn part 2 posters. We lined up all along the ropes and the cast went down signing our posters. I think every single new vampire was there because there were a lot of unfamiliar faces. Stephenie stayed until really late signing and taking pictures with appreciative fans. The one person that I desperately wanted to see was not there, Lee Pace *swoon*. Hopefully he'll be at the premiere again and I can slip him my number.


All too soon we're up, showered and dressed. The humidity all weekend is 80% +. We're moved/scrunched up into lines by 9:30 am.

We're inside and we take our seats. I'm surrounded by fans and more importantly fan fiction readers and authors. I meet TKgel and GreenPuma and already my day has pitched from "good" to "AWESOME".

The room is also running late by the time they start the first panel of the day: "Trailer Park". They're basically showing a bunch of trailers from upcoming movies, all of which are in 3D.

Finally it ends and we're all excited for the Breaking Dawn panel to start. They place the name cards on the table and everyone whips out their cameras to zoom in to see where everyone is being seated.

[Insert panel here]

I took video of the entire panel but I'm sure by now there are a plethora of them out there on YouTube already. It was also being streamed online so by now, I think we've all seen it. Still, I'm taking my videos and making a DVD out of them to re-live the experience. Because of what happened earlier in the week, it was hard to be "super" excited. But I had a good time. I really like the 7 minutes of The Host that Stephenie Meyer showed us at the end of the Breaking Dawn panel. That was great! I'm really looking forward to that movie.

Here are a few of my pictures that I took during the panel.

Download Volume 1 of my pictures
Download Volume 2 of my pictures
Download Volume 3 of my pictures
Download Volume 4 of my pictures

Later on in the day, Peter, Kellan, Ashley & Jackson had a Q&A with fans at Zach Levi's Nerd HQ that I went to. You can see the whole thing online but here are some picture highlights.

As you can tell, there really wasn't a bad seat in the house. It was a fairly small area and everyone was close. I took lots of pictures of the guys.

Download Volume 1 of these photos
Download Volume 2 of these photos

That's all there was to my Breaking Dawn part 2 at Comic Con experience. I tried going to the Summit booth for freebies but it was too crowded and they were only doing the free stuff now and then and going upstairs to wait for a ticket to get a shirt or totes screen printed just wasn't worth the effort this time around. I feel like a bad fan but SDCC is exhausting and I still needed to eat.

I was at SDCC for Friday as well and got to be in the room for the 10th anniversary Firefly panel (the panel to end all panels). It was amazing. I kept crying :'D

Saturday I went down to San Diego for the TFMU meet up. I love meeting people that you only see online in real life. I met some really awesome ladies there. Chicago TFMU 2013 is in the works already so I'll probably flounce on SDCC next year to go to it instead.


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