Friday, August 21, 2009

OMG Too funny!

Here's an excerpt of the comments left behind a Robsessed post about a new New Moon Edward cardboard cutout. I'm in Coffee Bean laughing my fucking head off and I don't care who sees. =D

Suz said...
Shopping List

1. New Moon Edward CO
2. (whispers) VampVibe
3. crazy glue
4. 5th of Vodka

Note: Affix #2 to #1 with #3 before enjoying #4 (or you could have some embarrassing explaining to do to the ER doctor)

PARTY FOR ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosa said...
Uh, knowing the Twilight fanbase, I hope these cut outs come laminated....
and you can tell women played no part in these cut outs. IF they had been smart, they would have used the topless shots with his arms wide open so that women could fake makeout with him better. Silly rabbits, merchandisting for horny twilight fans isn't for kids!

Suz said...
whatchya trying to say Rosa? (winks)

5. Laminator

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