Monday, August 2, 2010

Rochelle Lefevre and me

I had a day off today and it's a pretty lazy day. I woke up at noon, checked my e-mail, listened to some NPR, etc. After reaching the end of the internet, I decided to check out what's going on in Twitter land. I'm scrolling through various tweets when I see Rachelle Lefevre's (who plays Victoria in Twilight and New Moon) tweet:

When I read this tweet, it was about 10 minutes old. I live about 12 minutes away from Mission Hills so I'm thinking "If I leave the house and head over there... I can probably meet her!" I was delayed from leaving the house but I leave and make my way over there. In my head I'm thinking of things to buy so I'm not obvious in my Twilight cast stalking hobby.
I enter the store, very nonchalant, grab a basket and notice that there's a little crowd by the express lane. "Great, she's still here," I think to myself. I grab some pears, a coke, Ritz, oatmeal and some Boysenberry jam (snacks for work tomorrow) and make my way over to the express check out lane.

She's there at the end, autographing someone reusable bag that she's helping to give away. I've actually brought my own bags but my purchases and my bags are packed away in these bigger and nicer ones. I notice that she's got her stuff slung over her arms and her group that she's with is packed and ready to leave. I have my stuff in one hand and with the other I'm pulling out my camera. Meeting "celebrities" never gets any easier. My heart is pounding and my palms start to sweat. 

I make eye contact with some of the people that she's talking to and sheepishly smile at them. I go up to Rachelle and ask, "Um.. Rachelle? Can I bother you for a moment? Could I take a picture please?" Cue blush, more palm sweating and apologetic smiling. 

She's still talking to her people. I've no idea what she's saying. I'm focused on not looking like a complete idiot and failing miserably. She puts her stuff down on the counter. I ask the guy she's talking to, "Could you.. uh, take our picture?" He chuckles and says, "I was waiting for you to ask me."

We stand next to each other and I've got a shit eating grin on my face. He takes a picture but my camera decided to be a ninja that afternoon because it doesn't beep and I can't hear the shutter. We're asking.. "Did it take?" Rachelle and I giggle and take two more pictures for 'just in case'.  Here's the result:
Rachelle Lefevre and me with a WeeGee face =D

I then asked her about the reusable bags that Vons was giving out (which was why she was there in the first place). She told me that the bags were designed by Homeboy Industries and were bought by Vons to give out to promote their efforts of "jobs not jail" and to promote Rachelle's effort to support a nation wide ban of plastic bags from supermarkets. I'm in favor of this idea. She praised me for the bags that I brought in myself. Cue more smiling.

She was really nice, friendly and articulate. I had a really great experience and it completely made my day.


  1. Hahaha love the moustache! Gah, Rachelle's gorgeous, isn't she?? She's the real EVAH!

    xo obava

  2. EDIT: "real Victoria 4 EVAH"


  3. fo' sho' she'll always be Victoria to me (a la New Moon).