Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Eclipse movie review

This is going to be very long and very picture heavy. I'm putting it all after the jump.

Basically, I enjoyed it. I give it 4 out of 5. It was exactly what I expected to see so I didn't leave the theater gasping muttering ohmygodohmygod. I had very very high standards and the movie met all of them. It had all of the and important parts of the book and then some. I think that this movie could stand on its own. Non-Twilight fans won't leave the theater that it was a complete waste of time.

After the jump is really detailed re-cap and review of the movie.

First, I love the Eclipse title. The New Moon was was awesome too but the Eclipse one is sooo purty. I want it as my wall paper or maybe as a MacBook skin.

I love all of David Slade's meadow scenes. It's so pretty. My problem with this scene are Kristen and Rob's hands.
Kristen is trying to tame her wig which is trying to consume Rob (what wouldn't) and Rob's hand on Kristen's shoulder looks like a giant paw that he doesn't know what to do with.

Watching Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse, it seems like every director has their "signature" shot. With Catherine Harwicke it was Edward's "Say it out loud" shot that she says is her "intoxicating" shot [see Twilight DVD commentary]. With New Moon, Chris Weiz used this "nauseiting" angle on Bella during the breakup scene. Now David Slade uses not once, but twice, this overhead shot:
I don't know what the purpose of a shot like this is supposed to convey. It's really odd. Like I'm playing a video game. It takes me out of the movie. It doesn't feel organic. It's like someone shouting "it's not real!"

Bella's wig stealing scene #1: Forks cafeteria. However, Mike does get in a cute smirk.

I don't know if you've noticed, but on my fourth... fifth viewing (don't judge me) I noticed that Kristen has some cuts on her arm. On her right arm, right next to her armpit are a few cuts, it almost looks like scratches.
You can't tell here but watch out for it the next time you watch it. This will come up later in my review too (I hope you're taking notes). I have to give a nod to Sarah Clarke who plays Renee. I thought she made the most of her time on screen and didn't make this scene such a snooze-fest that it could have been. (Side note: I totally saw her "cowboy" hat at Target for $12.99!)

I listened to an interview with the costume designer (or maybe I read it) where she talks about Victoria's wardrobe. When we first see her in this scene where she's being chases by the Cullens and the Wolves, she's in the same costume that we saw in New Moon.
Throughout the movie, it progressively changes bit by bit. With her scene with Riley underneath the Seattle monorail, she's in a seductive black lacy piece that makes her seem vulnerable but that's just her character manipulating Riley. 

Bella's wig stealing scene #2 and Jacob's movie entrance. Every single time I've seen this movie in the theater at least one person is catcalling for Taylor. 
Even the extra in the scene can't keep her eyes of Taylor/Jacob. At this point of the movie, I'm rolling my eyes so badly it hurts.

Bella's wig stealing scene #3: Bella ditches school with Jacob and meets up with the Pack at Emily's place. This whole scene is pretty pointless. I think it was because New Moon was so great at establishing the Wolf Pack, they just had to put them in Eclipse so they had to give them some screen time. I thought it was completely pointless and I took a nap.
My nap continued as Jacob and Bella go off together and have a little chat. This is the "Dumbledore" scene for me. In Harry Potter, Dumbledore is the one to convey to the reader background information that you're going to need to understand what's about to happen. It's called exposition. Jacob is explaining to Bella, and the audience, stuff you're going to need to know to understand Breaking Dawn. I understand it's necessary but it's so boring. 

I woke up once my Spidey sense told me Robward was going to be on screen.
Shhhhwing! Rob plays Edward really well in this scene. The black hungry eyes really emphasizes his concern, worry and anxiety he feels for Bella. Especially when he delivers the line "Someone was here". I almost want Edward in that scene to just grab Bella and hug her to reasure himself that she's ok, she's safe in his arms (maybe it's because I read this in a lot of fan fiction stories and it gets me every single time. It's the part of me that loves chick flicks. I'm such a girl =D)

The Cullens talk about protecting Bella, Bella gets the wolves to help patrol, then Bella's "I'm Switzerland" moment comes up. From talking to others and hearing their take on the movie, they loved this bit. I thought it was corny and cheesy and completely for the amusement of a young audience to recognize that "Hey! That's from the book!" My [sarcastic] reaction was, "huh, yea, didn't see that coming *eyeroll*"

Then Edward is dropping Bella off to a shirtless Jacob. I'm with Edward, doesn't this guy own a shirt? Though I do love the expression war between Edward and Jacob as they smirk and brood without Bella noticing.
nom nom nom Hungry Edward can eat me any day =D~

So far in the movie, I felt like any 'ol person could have directed this. The editing was really good. The boring parts are parsed and separated by new and interesting things and some tension builders (chasing Victoria, Riley and newborn action, etc.) What is going to set David Slade apart from being a generic director, is what he does with new material: newborns and flashbacks. In our first flashback, we get the story of the third wife.
I thought from beginning to end, even with a dramatized Gil Burmingham playing Billy Black narrating, this was so fantastic. The colors, the casting, the camera moves.... I loved this.

I love the Xavier scenes. He's remarkable playing Riley and super hot. He needed more lines because I love his voice. yum!
Cullen men talk (Ashley, Nikki and Elizabeth couldn't be reached? Or is a guy thing to talk strategy and recent killings). Still, Jackson does look and sound all delicious.

Bella and Charlie have a moment. awww

Bella and Edward talk, again, about the reason why Edward doesn't want to change her yada yada yada. Rob's hands are trying to disassociate from his body and take over the world.

The Bella/Jacob reshoot of him stealing a kiss is memorable for two reasons. First, is the badly delivered line from Taylor: "I wish I could have done it... smoother.."  I shutter every time he says smoother. And then there's Bella's Face Punch. I loved that moment.

If you've got a fever, the only cure for it is more Billy Burke. Talk about a wonderful actor. He may not have that many scenes but when he's on screen, he steels the show. He doesn't even have to talk, he just wags his eyebrows or gives Bella a paternal look of love.
This is a great scene and always gets a laugh. Taylor delivers this line with impeccable comedic timing. I have to give it up to Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter) for writing his line: "I kissed Bella... and she broke her hand.... punching my face." Makes me smile every time, mostly because of Billy's expression.

Nikki Reed playing Rosalie looks so much better in Eclipse than she ever did in the previous movies. The only thing I can nit pick about Rosalie doing her flashback scene are her dark eyebrows. 
The entire flashback was stunning in its period details and I love Rosalie's dress. From an interview with the costume designer, they did shoot a longer scene where it's featured more predominately. I hope they put it on the DVD.

Then, Riley, newborns and Vulturi appear. Felix, played by Daniel Cudmore, says a line but I can't for the life of me understand what he's saying. "_____ are in action." What the hell is he saying?? Sonars? Soldiers? I don't get it. =(

Graduation day = Bella's wig stealing scene #4. Also, in the shot of Alice and Jasper, I love the hand holding between Esme and an off screen Carlisle. So sweet =')
I really liked Jessica's speech. It seemed really apropos for the situation. Good job Melissa.

I often wonder when I see the graduation party at the Cullen's is if something happened to the original wardrobe that Bella was supposed to wear. You'd think that Alice would put her in a dress or at least a skirt, not this long sleeved button down. But I have a theory. Edward is wearing almost the exact same thing. Either they wanted to show Bella as a united Cullen.... or their party is a Sadie Hawkin's dance.

The training scene was good but the music in the background made it even better. A typical montage. It was pretty much exactly as it was in the book (except for the time but that's neither here nor there). This scene transitions into Jasper's backstory flashback.
This is my favorite flashback scene. It's wonderful. The day shoot when Jasper meets Maria and converted the lighting to make it look like night gives it this eerie quality is chilling and sets up the emotional hardship Jasper has to go through. At the end of the scene, Bella has a nightmare. When she wakes up, take a look at that right arm, right near the armpit. Those scratches are healing and it looks like dark scabs/scars.
I wonder if it was wire work gone wrong or if she fell out of a tree or something.

The next few minutes are just filled with talking, explaining and Edward money shots.

Bella's wig stealing scene #5:

Charlie and Bella have a sweet moment where they discuss her virginity. Once again, Billy Burke playing Charlie Swan steals and makes the scene. "Old school.. great... is that code for something?"

The make out/leg hitch/proposal scene. It's really hot and I give it up to David Slade for doing such a wonderful job. The way Edward looks at Bella... his eyes and body just burn for her. He loves her so much. Bella, on the other hand, can't make eye contact. It really annoys me. When she says yes to Edward, she says it as she's looking down, then lifts up her eyes to Edward like she's saying "is that ok?"

Ok from here on out everything is culminating to the "battle". Bella spreads her scent, Jacob takes her to the camp site, Edward looks at some trees, new borns come out of some water, etc. Then we come to the tent scene reshoot.

I loved Rob and Taylor's dialogue with each other. Their strained banter in an awkward situation was done beautifully and Edward was all kinds of smirky and hot.

In the tent, Bella is wearing jackets and a beanie but the next morning she walks outside with just an opened flannel shirt over a grey undershirt. Homegirl gotta be cold. (hi wolfy Seth)

I'm going to go through the "battle" and Edward v. Victoria fairly quickly.

Victoria: Awefull wig, great red eyes that changed to black as she's fighting Edward, great death scene. I love how the music just stops. Like you're inhaling after forgetting to breathe.
I really don't like how they changed this from the book. Movie-Bella saves Edward from Victoria by cutting herself and activating Victoria's and Riley's bloodlust. Book Bella doesn't really "help" until the end of Breaking Dawn when she protect Edward from the Volturi's attacks. She's supposed to be a helpless human! I would rather have seen Seth come in and save the day if they're going to change things.

I can see Taylor/Jacob's nude colored boxers (gotcha!), Bella is a lot colder in the field than up in the snow (hence the brown hoodie), and Esme is apparently a robot because she can only move her eyes.

Skipping Jacob because it's boring and they really should have put in the epilogue.

This is the one scene where Bella's wig looks decent, almost pretty. Too bad I'm not paying attention because I'm asleep. This monologue is so long and boring and answers a question that was never asked. All throughout this scene I'm thinking "Why is this even here? What the hell does this accomplish?"

And that was pretty much a scene-by-scene breakdown of Eclipse. All these screen capture and more can be viewed on my Photobucket account here. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Have ideas you'd like to share? Add a comment =)


  1. i give it thumbs up. I don't think i was as bothered by the wig and you point out a couple of things i have not noticed after 2 1/2 views but will next time

  2. Wow, thanks so much for the lengthy review, I really enjoyed the read. It's true that this one can stand on it's own - I took a friend with me to watch this one and he totally loved it. He didn't see any of the other ones but will now. There are many good points here, I'll have to pay more attention the next time I'm watching this. Thanks!