Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

Favorite quotes from MTV blogging back stage and from TwiCrackAddict and the gang blogging via their couches:

9:07: Ryan Reynolds professed having a man-crush on Robert Pattinson, and said that he plans to plant a kiss on him tonight - but assured us he’d use a closed-mouth so as not to freak people out.

8:32: Lil Wayne just rolled up in his tour bus. Also, someone tried to give Chris Pine a five dollar bill.

9:52: Moments after winning “Best Fight,” Robert Pattinson came backstage, gave thumbs-up to the cameras - and made a beeline right for us. Smiling and running his fingers through his hair (of course), he told us he was excited for Cam to have won “Best Fight” two years in a row. Even Rob hasn’t seen the “New Moon” trailer yet, so he was eager to watch it with the fans tonight. RPattz said he’s loving the Movie Awards, and that he’s eager to begin production Monday on an untitled drama that he’ll squeeze in between “Twilight” sequels.

10:06: We’re standing backstage between the unlikely grouping of Kiefer Sutherland, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Ben Stiller, Taylor Lautner and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Taylor is chugging a Red Bull and getting ready to go onstage. Stiller greeted RPattz and KStew, causing Rob to run his fingers through his hair during the usual exchanging of pleasantries. Only at the MTV Movie Awards, folks.

10:15:Malin Ackerman just told us she’s jealous of Robert Pattinson’s ability to make people scream just by brushing his hair.

10:35: In what might be the coolest thing we’ve seen tonight, Kristen Stewart just came off stage and ran — as fast as she could — through the catacombs, dodging stars, stagehands and props. Right as she got to us, she stopped and giggled, doing a few jumping jacks for good measure. Wow, KStew was smart for wearing sneakers tonight! Where was she headed in such a hurry? Kristen had to get back into the house to watch the rest of the show.

11:45: The awards are finished, and Kristen Stewart left the Gibson Amphitheatre in a most unusual way. About a quarter of a mile away, uphill, is the tourist-populated Universal Citywalk. According to multiple eyewitnesses, the dress-wearing, sneaker-clad Stewart emerged from a side gate and bolted through the crowd toward a parking garage. Smiling at people as she ran past, the fleet-footed Twilighter made her way into the “Curious George” parking garage, while her limo sat unoccupied back at the Amphitheatre.

LetterstoTwilight_UC: I just screamed. BLUE JACKET ROB!

LetterstoTwilight_Moon: sorry rob, i'll only cheat on you with pine-sol! [In reference to Chris Pine]

cdubs: Ugh! can't watch yet until my kid goes to sleep so I can get my drink on!

AC07: just to let everyone know, voting is still going on. I have voted at least 200 times today and I still am. [In reference to text voting for best Movie]

TwiCrack Addict: My husband is sitting here too...i'm trying to contain myself

NewMoonMovie: "there's a little bit coming out of my pants right now" -Robert Pattinson [Quote of him accepting his award for best breakthrough performance, Male]

TwiCrack Addict: Forrest Whitaker singing Dick in a Box all serious? LOL

LetterstoTwilight_UC: Watching w/ my friend ItalianMama... she jujst asked for someone @ the awards to grab Rob's gum under the podium for her. We gotta ebay that shizz! [During his acceptance with KStew for Best Kiss, he took out his gum]

LetterstoTwilight_Moon: will decode win or jai HOOOOOOOOOO?? [In reference to the Best Song in a movie]

TwiCrack Addict: jizz in my pants (in anticipation) hehe [For the New Moon Trailer]

NewMoonMovie: Currently 38,000 people are watching this live blog! you guys are awesome! We're trying to keep up with all your feedback as much as we can!

TwiCrack Addict: Jim carrey just referred to rob as the Good Looking kid from Twilight

RobPattzNews: rob totally blushed w that joke jim carrey did. put hand on face. very cute.

Watching, I squeed when I saw the trailer and swooned every time the cameras covered Rob. *sigh*

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