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Fan Fictions Part II

This is Part II of the list of Fan Fiction Recommendations (M-Z)
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Story Tags
High school - Story is set in high school and/or the main characters attend high school.
College - Story is set in college or university
Work force - Main characters are out of school and work for a living
Discovery - Characters discover themselves and/or others
Hurt - Character(s) are hurt emotionally
Comfort - Character(s) will comfort another character
Angst - High school type dramas that causes worry, panic, etc.
*Drama - More adult themes of angst but they're heavier than the teen angst.
Child(ren) - At least one minor is involved with the story and main character(s).
Romance - Story about someone falling in love with another
Comedy - Story made me laugh
Smut - There's sex
Supernatural - Other than vampires, there's other supernatural stuff happening

AU - Alternate Universe: Vampires and werewolves exist. Story may sound like missing pieces of Stephenie's material.
AH - All Human: Vampires and werewolves do not exist.
OOC - Out of character: The character's name is the same but that's where the similarities end.
UST - Unsatisfied Sexual Tension
NC - Not completed. Story is still being written.
C - Completed. Story has an ending!
Slash - Same sex pairings
Hiatus - Story is no longer being regularly updated

Master of the Universe by SnowqueensIcedragon (on
Intro/Summary: C AH Bella Swan is drafted in to interview the reclusive, enigmatic Edward Cullen, multi-millionaire CEO of his company. It's an encounter that will change her life irrevocably, leading her to the darkest realms of desire. Adult themes.
Why I like it: I started reading this a long time ago but stopped near the beginning because I wasn't interested in reading about a BDSM relationship. I've picked it back up and I'm so glad I did. I thought it was going to be gratuitous sex the entire time (porn pretty much) but it's so much more than that. These characters are complex and detrimental to the other. Chapters aren't too long but there's a ton of them!
Tags: Work force, Drama, Smut, Hurt, Discovery, Romance

Memoria of Aeterna by americanxidiot
Intro/Summary: C AH She wakes up. She know she's in the hospital. But that's all about all she knows. She doesn't remember why she's there and doesn't remember her own name. A meeting with another patient opens the door to life again, but is living something she wants to continue after hearing she's in the hospital after trying to jump off a building to kill herself?
Why I like it: This is amazing! She's an awesome writer and now I want to read all of her stuff. This is three chapters but every sentence is beautiful. Go read read read!
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Drama, Romance

Midnight Desire by Twilightzoner
Intro/Summary: C AH This is an All Human version of Midnight Sun but it's completed and doesn't drop off where Midnight Sun does. It is all told from Edward's POV and instead of vampire Edward lusting after Bella's blood, human Edward is lusting after her body.
Why I like it: This is a glorious story and well written and well beta-ed by psymom. It's smut'tastic, lemonilicious, and hawt! (which spell check doesn't recognize.) Mature audiences only.
Tags: High school, Angst, Romance, Comedy, Smut

Momento Mori by Rosette-Cullen
Intro/Summary: C AH Bella's dream is to get into the English department at Dartmouth and will do anything to achieve that goal, even if that means becoming her best friend's girl friend to do it. Jacob promises her teacher recommendations and recruiter interviews because he loves her and wants her. But Bella's got a problem, she maybe with Jacob officially but she's been a frequent visitor to Edward's bed. What's a hormonal teenager to do?
Why I like it: It's completed and it's short (16 chapters). Bella is very OOC and her selfishness gets on my nerves but she's a teenager and they do stupid things, especially to those they care about. It has a happy ending so it's not a complete loss. I just wish this Bella wasn't so flakey and grew a pair. =/
Tags: High school, Angst

Mr. Horrible by algonquinrt
Intro/Summary: C AH Edward is the heir to the Cullen estate and he's out with his mother Esme at a local art gallery and he can't take his eyes off of this brunette girl that flitting through the exhibit, intrigued he follows her outside ... Bella is a free spirit, a lonely free spirit after her best friend James ditches her at the art gallery to go chase some hot male ass tail leaving her without a ride home but she hasn't gone unnoticed.
Why I like it: Edward and Bella are completely different people from completely different worlds and for a moment step outside of their respective bubbles to peek at the real world only to end up staring into each other's eyes. This is such a great fic!! Each chapter is pretty short and full of fantastic culture references that has you ROTFL.
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Romance, Comedy

On My Own by littleclarestar
Intro/Summary: NC AH Reluctantly running the family house & estate on an island off the West Coast of Scotland and having inadvertently run it towards bankruptcy, ex solider Edward Cullen has help forced upon him by the bank, in the shape of one I. Swan.
Why I like it: This is good to get into if you're waiting for updates on another fic or have some time to kill. It doesn't really leave you hanging or wanting for more after each chapter and the characters and therefore the plot, are a bit predictable. It's fun though and the writing is pretty good.
Tags: Work force, Drama, Hurt, Romance

Over the Top by starfish422
Intro/Summary: C AH Slash. This is a Jasper/Edward story. Love is love, even man love. M for lots-o-lemons and mature situations. Edward is an unabashed pleasure seeker but one night at a club he meets a man that will rock the foundations of his entire life. This is Edward's struggle to realize that 'No man is an island'.
Why I like it: To the core it's a love story. It's filled with regrets, anger, sex, comfort, love, disappointments, and anything else Pandora let loose. The writing and story telling are great. This kind of story isn't for everyone.
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Drama, Romance, Smut

Poughkeepsie by Mrs.TheKing
Intro/Summary: C AH Bella commutes from the Poughkeepsie train station into New York for school. She's a caring friendly person and has a smile for everyone on the platform including the homeless man in the shadows. Edward is 23 and he's homeless. She doesn't know it but it is for the smiles that he stays at the Poughkeepsie station. When the current of the river takes you into unfamiliar waters do you look ahead at the adventure that lies in store for you or do you look behind to the familiar for safety?
Why I like it: It's very sweet at times, others it's tragic. You want Bella to win but is Edward the way he is for a reason? Is there anything Bella can do??
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Drama, Romance, Action

Progress: The Original Sleep Humper Love Story by 107yearoldvirgin
Intro/Summary: C AH "There is no real diagnosis. He's what we affectionately call a 'sleep humper'." Sometimes love is just plain awkward.
Why I like it: This story seamlessly entwines humor and drama. Edward has this interesting "condition" that's written as a comedy but the things that these characters are anything but funny. There's lots of musically inspired chapters and fun culture references. It's very nice to read in between updates. It's borderline long with 33 chapters but very satisfying.
Tags: High school, Angst, Romance, Comedy

Ragweeds by AngelAtTwilight
Intro/Summary: NC AH Bella & Edward are two broken kids in foster care who meet under tragic circumstances. When the world wants them apart, fate seals them together. Can they fight to stay together? And at what cost?
Why I like it: Need a good angst fic? Well do I have a good one for you! The authors doesn't submerse you in too many details, you're not living these character's lives but your an outsider and feel just as helpless as the people surrounding them. You become emotional invested and you just want their 'happily ever afters' and because of that, you bite a couple if fingernails (at least in my case). It's a very.. sensitive fic.
Tags: High school, Angst, Drama, Hurt, Comfort, Romance

Reluctance by irebporti
Intro/Summary: C AH Edward is self conscience and a coward when it comes to girls. He meets Bella at a singles only Valentines party at his sisters and is smitten but keeps running away.
Why I like it: It's a short fic, compared to the others on this list. I don't feel a great rapport with this story. It doesn't hook me in no matter how hard the author tries to play up her Beanie-ward. *rolls eyes*
Tags: College, Angst, Romance

Scarlet by archer23
Info/Summary: NC AH OOC Bella is the greatest thief the world's never seen; she is only recognized by her scarlet calling card. Edward is FBI, and has been able to catch every criminal he's come across. Little do they know, they are both about to meet their match.
Why I like it: Do you trust me? If so, just click on the link and go read it right now. I actually stayed up the entire night reading this. The Bella in this story is so incredibly kick ass. I've never read action written this well. I become totally immersed within the story. When I explain to my coworkers what I'm reading they're just as interested and want to know what happens just as much as I do! Seriously, this story is epic.
Tags: Work force, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Action

Shadowboxer by nobloodnofoul
Intro/Summary: C AH Edward is an underground fighter and one night Bella comes across his prone and bleeding body in a locker room and helps him.
Why I like it: Now complete. I love this story. It has lots of foreshadowing pertaining to their pasts which creates suspense and drama for a climatic ending. Fightward is all kinds of hot in this story.
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Comfort, Romance, Action

Silence by Padme-And-Anakin-4-Ever
Intro/Summary: NC AH Bella Swan hasn't spoken since her parents were killed nearly 4 years ago.She moves in with her Godfather,Billy.What happens when broken, mute Bella, meets the popular ladies man Edward? Can he help her break the silence? Will she let him?
Why I like it: It's very addicting to read. I stayed up way late finishing what she's written. You want to know what 's going to happen next, not in a cliffhanger way, but the drama keeps piling up. The story is like Silence & Security meets This Is Not My Life. It's super good!
Tags: High school, Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Drama, Action

Silence & Security by adorablecullens
Intro/Summary: C AH Two years after the tragic death of her husband, Jacob Black dies, 37 year old single mom Bella Swan buys a house. Will the handsome single dad next door help her learn to love again? Or will Edward's presence in their lives only reinforce Bella's daughters trauma induced silence?
Why I like it: This is a family fic but mature audiences only for some lemon action. I like how Bella and Edward are older and have kids, just not with each other. It's sweet and the story is lovely. Not too long and it's completed. A satisfying read.
Tags: Work force, Hurt, Comfort, Child(ren), Romance, Smut

Stay by crimsonmarie
Intro/SummaryC AH Bella and her boyfriend Jacob are living in upstate New York when they get a new neighbor that moves in across the street. Edward is a hot Hollywood actor that likes to get away from the lime light and relax and he's decided to buy a house in New York and take a much needed vacation. Mix in jealousy, papparatzzi and beer and you get Stay.
Why I like it: Very real drama with real characters. It's fun and easy to get hooked into. And it's finally completed! Hurray for HEAs!
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Drama, Romance

Stop, Drop and Roll by Bronzehairedgirl620
Intro/Summary: C AH Edward is a fireman (great mental image btw) and saves Bella from her burning apartment. Bella and Edward are very sweet together but things start to get sour when Edward's past gets in the way of their relationship.
Why I like it: It's like reading a soap opera but minus the kidnapping, murder, and amnesia. It's just a great story!
Tags: Work force, Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Romance

The Blizzard by sheviking
Intro/Summary: NC AH Bella is walking home during a blizzard and stumbles on a homeless man on the ground. Despite her better judgment she decides to save him from the cold, and the night turns into something she never expected.
Why I like it: This reminded me of Poughkeepsie (Home-less-ward) so that's what made me start it but her story telling and sweetness keeps me interested. It's got fluff to balance out the drama. Very enjoyable so far.
Tags: Work force, Drama, Romance

The Cannabean Betrothal by ItzMegan73
Intro/Summary: NC AH OOC Edward has immersed himself in the Cannabean way of life to ward off the hurt of a life-changing experience; but an unexpected betrothal teaches him how little he knows about life.
Why I like it: This is a life style I have absolutely no knowledge of and wouldn't want to be be a part of but, that said, it suits her characters. They mature and grow within this interesting family dynamic that's just as good as any good 'ol soap opera.
Tags: Work force, Romance, Drama

The Discovery of Bella Swan by mskathy
Intro/Summary: C AH Bella looses her mom in a fight with cancer and then looses her dad in an accident. The same day she finds out about Charlie she walks in on her boyfriend, Jacob, cheating on...with Mike. She heads off to college to make a clean start to figure out who Bella is.
Why I like it: This girl's life just keeps getting shit on but she's such a strong character and with the help of some great people she finds along the way, she starts to find a life that she's always deserved. There's the "you go girl" -ness to the "crap, that totttttally suck" - ness all mixed into one.
Tags: College, Angst, Romance

The List by LauraACullen
Intro/Summary: C AU Post Eclipse. Bella makes a lost of fantasies she has with and about Edward that she'd like to do before she becomes a vampire. As the story progresses she's able to cross out a few things at the same time adding new ones to the list. M for lemons!
Why I like it: You get the sweetness of fluff with the juicyness of the lemons and sprinkle a bit of humor in for kicks.
Tags: High school, Discovery, Romance, Smut

The Lost Boys by hwimsey
Intro/Summary: C AH Take an up and coming band, three best friends, one Victorian house, two ghosts and San Francisco and you'll be close to the awesomeness of The Lost Boys.
Why I like it: Great character chemistry and a dash of really good mystery in a well worded/written package.
Tags: Work force, Comfort, Angst, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural

The Mirrors by adorablecullens
Intro/Summary: C AH OOC It started with two people who loved each other but couldn't be together because her family didn't think that her blind suitor could support her. Two generations and two mirrors later, their grandchildren find each other in another world only to have it ripped violently away. This is the story of their rediscovery.
Why I like it: It is a fantasy story. Keep reading, it'll be worth it. The magic in the story makes it endearing and the heartbreak almost unbearable. It is a wonderful piece.
Tags: College, Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Drama, Romance, Supernatural

The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by hunterhunting
Intro/Summary: C AH The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Players: Through incessant stalking and persistence, can Edward wear down Bella's resistence and teach her to embrace her inner puck bunny?
Why I like it: hunterhunting is the famous author behind Clipped Wings & Inked Armor and she brings her unique style of writing and smut-tastic chapters to this story of Edward, a center for the Blackhawks hockey team, and Bella, Emmett's sister and Edward's teammate. It's great and a lot of fun.
Tags: College, Work force, Angst, Smut, Romance, Comedy

The Port Angeles Players by WriteOnTime
Intro/Summary: C AH Bella is a wreck. Her roommate airlifts her away from the douchbag that is Jacob and takes her to Forks where she lands a job teaching English. With coworker Jasper, they audition for Much Ado About Nothing where she meet Edward; sparks fly but will she ever be able to trust another man again?
Why I like it: It starts of really slow but give it a few chapters and it gets sweet and a bit hot. They both have their insecurities and try and help each other out. They both have sordid pasts that get in the way of their budding relationship. The humor is pretty good too.
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Drama, Romance

The Screamers by KiyaRaven
Intro/Summary: C AH Living on the streets is hard for Bella Swan, but not as hard as putting up with Edward Cullen when he drags her into his lifestyle of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. Will they be able to help each other before they kill each other?
Why I like it: This is rock star boy meets fierce homeless girl. It has lots of cursing and some dark themes but it's funny. Short chapters and a fun story. Edit: There is a dash of RPF-ness in this story which is completely off putting for me. So much so that I can't finish. I enjoyed the beginning but once Robert Pattinson becomes a main character and not a passing mention, I run to the hills.
Tags: Work force, Angst, Drama, Smut, Romance, Comedy

The Trip Home by mskathy
Intro/Summary: C AH OOC This is a Bella/Jasper/Edward fic. That being said, there are a lot of lemons. Mskathy writes some fantastic smut. The story: Jasper and Edward have been friends since High School but when they become roommates in college, the sexual tension bursts and they share more then friendship together. On their way home to Forks for the holidays, they reconnect with an old acquaintance from High School, Bella Swan.
Why I like it: Mmm smut. I love the lemon and slashy types but this author combines the two and it's just hot. Plus, there is an actual plot to all the sexy times. Best of both (or all three) worlds!
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Smut, Drama, Romance

The Tutor by ItzMegan73
Intro/Summary: C AH New student Bella Swan needs to break out of her shy exterior and her guidance counselor has the answer: tutoring. Bella is too new to know she shouldn’t want to tutor Edward Cullen
Why I like it: This is a great version of new student Bella tutoring I-don't-play-by-your-rules Edward. It's got some great original characters and some good plot twists that make you want to keep reading. Lemons ahoy!
Tags: High school, Discovery, Comfort, Angst, Drama, Romance

The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud
Intro/Summary: NC AH Edward Masen is the selfish and brooding university professor; Bella Swan is his shy, but determined graduate student. Appearances can be deceiving. Have their paths crossed before?
Why I like it: I don't know if it's the PMS talking but this is motherfucking awesome! I can't remember the last fic that made me cry! GAH! So good! You have to read this! (Wow.. so many exclamation marks... it must be the PMS talking...) Update: Yea, it was the hormones talking but it's a really good fic. Second Update: The UST is resolved but now it feel too fluffy. I'm not enjoying the latter chapters anymore... sigh... I don't think I'll read it until it's completed.
Tags: College, Work force, Drama, Romance

The Vampire in the Basement by michellephants
Intro/Summary: NC AU Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett are hunting when the stumble upon a naked, starved vampire in the middle of the woods. They take him back to the house to try to help him but he's terrified. Something about his stranger calls to Bella's heart and tried to heal him but what can a human do to help a vampire that's clearly broken?
Why I like it: There's so much detail. I love the depth of emotion that the author expresses in each chapter. You want to know how this broken vampire became lost in the woods and you're waiting for him to speak just as much as Bella and the others are. It's a compelling read.
Tags: High school, Angst, Drama, Romance, Action

The Way Back by caracol
Intro/Summary: C AH OOC A sequel to "A Rite of Passage" (scroll up for my review). This is a story about becoming an adult, dealing with your past and your future.
Why I like it: The characters we loved in "A Rite of Passage" have certainly grown up and the story is all the better for it. It's longer and more intense.
Tags: Work force, Hurt, Comfort, Drama, Romance, Smut

This Is Not My Life by isakassees
Intro/Summary: C AH Follow Bella as she tries to survive a madman's abduction and keep a stranger's child from succumbing to his wild fantasies, and follow Edward as he tries to stay sane searching for his daughter taken right before his eyes.
Why I like it: I couldn't put this story down. Ever chapter has me crying like a fucking baby. It's AMAZING! If you don't like this story, then you don't have a soul.
Tags: Work force, Drama, Action, Hurt, Comfort, Romance

Tropic of Virgo by
Intro/Summary: C AH He's a young but jaded musician writing lyrics for his band, and she's a naive, frustrated poet looking to break out of her shell; their world collide online. What happends when they meet in high school, unaware of their literary connection?
Why I like it: It has killer music and poetry in every yummy chapter. You want E and B to just get it but they don't and it leave you hanging (pleasantly).
Tags: High school, Comfort, Angst, Romance

When She Smiles by l'heure bleue
Intro/Summary: NC AH This is a Jasper x Alice story. He's known her ever since she was born and fell instantly in love with the tiny girl. They are each other's best friends but they have drastically different families, and one of theirs is tearing them apart.
Why I like it: So far it's a tragic drama filled with fluff, trust and love as well as hate, abuse, A very compelling story.
Tags: Child(ren), Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Drama

Wide Awake by angstgoddess003
Intro/Summary: C AH This is my favorite fan fiction and I'm not just saying that because it was my first one. It has everything you were looking for and everything you didn't know you wanted. It's about two people who are struggling to live with the trauma of their pasts. They discover that their each other's only way to cope with the pain but dependency like that isn't good, for anyone.
Why I like it: It has humor, angst, hurt/comfort, cookies and unicorns (this will be more meaningful after you've read the story). I LOVE this story. It's so haunting and captivating. I have stayed up entire nights reading this story. It's so good. You have to read it.
Tags: High school, Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut

Wishing You Were Real by Ashleo26
Intro/Summary: Hiatus NC AH AU Bella and Charlie move to Forks in hopes to start a new life. There Bella meets Edward Cullen; who changes her life forever. The only problem is, he's been dead for three years.
Why I like it: This was one of the first Ghost-ward fics that I read (I don't know why I forgot to put it up here earlier). It's only 6 chapters but the author has built a nice little world. I don't know where she might be going with it but it's something to look out for. For a more completed Ghost Edward fic, check out In Another Life.
Tags: High school, Angst, Supernatural

Withering the Ferns by angstgoddess003
Intro/Summary: C AH What more do I need to say other than "This is written by AngstGoddess003!!" That should be enough to click on the link and read non-stop until the last sentence of the last chapter. Seriously! Go read now and thank me later.
Why I like it: I already said "AngstGoddess003 wrote this". If you've been living under a rock and don't know who she is, read this now.
Tags: High school (I think?), Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Drama, Smut, Action

Work In Progress by araeo
Intro/Summary: NC AH Bella is making-ends-meat as a bartender at a local(Seattle) Brazilian restaurant but when they get swamped with customers she finds herself waitressing, hopefully she wont empale herself on a butter knife from her clumsyness. Edward is out with his well-to-do family celebrating Emmet's and Rosalie's wedding at a Brazilian restaurant. They meet, they're awkward, he's troubled and she's annoyed because her ovaries won't stop talking to her...srsly.
Why I like it: This fic is hilarious. It's got a little drama to make it interesting and talking ovaries that read like the commentators on Mystery Science Theater 3000 to Bella's sex life (or lack thereof).
Tags: Work force, Discovery, Comfort, Romance, Comedy

Your Biggest Fan by OfTheDamned
Intro/Summary: NC AH Slash. Throughout high school, the shy and over-burdened Edward Masen threw himself into work and raising his baby sister. He's always felt lucky just to be friends with track star Jasper Cullen. Now, he doesn't know if just friends is enough.
Why I like it: Slash pairings can be just as sweet and full of drama as regular pairings. This one is filled with self discovery, sweetness, tears and of course, drama. I've shed a few tears during some of these chapters and you know that these boys will figure out their lives and have their happily ever after.
Tags: High school, Discovery, Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Drama, Romance

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